Naomi Hansen

Freelance writer

Naomi Hansen is a freelance writer, editor and researcher based out of Saskatoon.

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4 trendy landscaping tips to improve your backyard

With warmer weather in full swing (and the pandemic still limiting your activity options), landscaping is the perfect spring/summer project to help you enjoy the sunshine safely at home.

COVID-19 has more people gardening; here's how to do it indoors

If you don’t have access to land, you can still try your hand at growing vegetables and herbs indoors. Jill Vanduyvendyk of Dutch Growers in Saskatoon says gardening can be helpful in easing concerns around food security and is great for mental health.

Sask. bloggers share their favourite DIY home projects

Two Saskatchewan bloggers share some of their favourite do-it-yourself home projects to keep you busy and liven up your home at the same time.

'You have to do the homework': Working towards intentional and mindful relationships

Claire Hawkins and Lindsay Iwanicha started dating in July 2019 and attend a group called A Conscious Partner, which focuses on providing practical tools for self-growth and intentionality in relationships.

10 Sask.-made gifts for Valentine's Day  

This Valentine’s Day, rather than keeping with the traditional roses and chocolate, support local with Saskatchewan-made goods that double as incredible gifts.

How to cut down on gift wrapping waste

Under Evelyn Schellenberg's Christmas tree, gifts are wrapped in candy reds and forest greens dotted with wreaths, reindeer and poinsettias, but there's not a lick of paper to be seen. Instead, she has been wrapping holiday presents with cloth for more than 30 years.

'A different way of doing things': Polyamory challenges idea that monogamy is always the way to go

Polyamory is one form of relationships that challenges the traditional assumption that one monogamous partner is ideal for everyone. At its core, it acknowledges the infinite possibilities of love and meaningful relationships, without the potential guilt of being attracted to or interested in another person.