Nahlah Ayed

Host of CBC Ideas

Nahlah Ayed is the host of the nightly CBC Radio program Ideas. A veteran of foreign reportage, she's spent nearly a decade covering major world events from London, and another decade covering upheaval across the Middle East. Ayed was previously a parliamentary reporter for The Canadian Press.

Latest from Nahlah Ayed

10 years after Arab Spring protests, Egyptians grapple with the fallout of a failed revolution

It's been a decade since Egyptians dared to disrupt the status quo of living in a police state. But 10 years after the protests in Tahrir Square, many Egyptians view them as naive or misguided, writes Nahlah Ayed.

Once foot soldiers in Myanmar's army, now potential witnesses to mass atrocities

Two men believed to be deserters from Myanmar’s army are in the custody of the International Criminal Court at The Hague after reporting their participation, under military orders, in the 2017 campaign of killing and rape of countless Rohingya Muslim civilians.

Beirut blast a 'knockout punch' after succession of crippling blows to Lebanon

Tuesday's blast in Beirut came as Lebanon was barely limping through an economic and political crisis, writes Nahlah Ayed.

'Mask wars' risk setting back global fight against coronavirus

The cutthroat tactics of the 'mask wars' risk making the COVID-19 crisis worse for everyone. The selfishness isn’t a surprise under the circumstances, but the apparent desperation of some of the wealthiest countries on Earth is.

The week panic hit the West

The war metaphors invoked by leaders from the U.K. to France and beyond in the battle against the coronavirus seemed almost inevitable, but they are of limited usefulness when the virus is an unseen enemy that has managed to strike at the heart of democratic government.

'Historic day for international justice': UN Rohingya ruling brings glimmer of hope

The International Court of Justice's public rebuke of Myanmar for its treatment of Rohingya Muslims may be a turning point turn for the moribund international justice  system.

Iran vs. U.S.: War in progress, shaped by Soleimani, goes on without him

Iran has lost its chief architect of regional influence to a U.S. airstrike, but rather than spark a new war, this new round of violence is an escalation of a war in progress.

Iran protests 'a prelude to collapse of regime,' Nobel laureate predicts

The newest wave of unrest that has seized Iran in recent weeks has sparked an exceptionally brutal response that left thousands of victims in its wake.

Myanmar formally accused of genocide in court case filed at The Hague

Myanmar has repeatedly been blamed in the systematic displacement, killing and widespread sexual assault of Rohingya Muslims, but only today has it been formally accused in an international court of acts of genocide.

Warrior woman: How a British secret agent — who became a Canadian — helped pave the way for D-Day

Sonya d’Artois parachuted into occupied France under the cover of darkness in late May 1944, and along with other female agents working in secret, helped the Allied forces make their D-Day landings and ultimately win the Second World War.