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Monty Kruger is a Video Producer at CBC Calgary.

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Beat the heat with this DIY air conditioner

If you can't stand another hot and sleepless night, all you need to do is hit up a hardware store and follow these instructions to build a DIY air conditioner.

Why a U.S. video game firm picked Calgary over Toronto for new studio

An American video game company has selected Calgary as the Canadian home for its latest expansion. Here's why.

Freezing frenzy: Cryotherapy makes big promises despite dearth of evidence

Three minutes in sub-zero temperatures will cost you $65. Cryotherapy is a controversial practice lacking scientific backing, say critics, but believers proclaim its advantages.

Imported dogs bring exotic disease risk to Canada, experts warn

Canadians bring in tens of thousands of dogs from around the world each year. But with few regulations, experts warn these furry refugees could carry pathogens that pose a serious threat to local pets, wildlife and people.

How to recall your dog: 5 simple steps

Calgary has more square kilometres of off-leash dog area than any other city in North America, but if you want to take advantage of any of it, you'll have to teach Fido to come when called.

Reflections on Ramadan and the significance of fasting

Why Muslims fast during the month of Ramadan, what they accomplish through it and why it matters.

Funerals held each year for dozens of Calgarians who die alone

Quite a bit of work goes into preparing a funeral for those who die in Calgary with no friends or family to claim them. The province says the goal is to provide "dignity in death" whether they are a "prince or pauper."

Drake Landing: A ray of sunshine for solar thermal energy

Okotoks in southern Alberta is one of the sunniest places in the country — making it a perfect location for Natural Resources Canada to launch a groundbreaking demonstration project.

Low oil prices hollow out Calgary's downtown core

Silent cubicle farms, abandoned offices and empty coffee rooms. As our city's energy sector sheds jobs to cut costs, the physical makeup of the downtown core is changing.

Studio West sculptor Don Begg leaves monuments behind — literally

Don Begg and his wife's art studio has been a part of Cochrane since 1970. Since then Studio West has received numerous awards for their bronze sculptures and created scores of public monuments across Canada and the U.S.