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Pandemic, labour disruptions raise questions about value of 2020 report cards

Ontario's teachers have not yet written year-end report cards for their students, but Paloma del Castillo already knows what hers will look like.

COVID-19 pandemic highlights need for sweeping reforms, Ontario nurses say

Ontario's health-care system must shift its focus away from hospitals and towards strong community care for everyone if it hopes to stave off future crises like the COVID-19 pandemic, the organization representing the province's nurses said Tuesday as it called for urgent, sweeping reforms.

Why public transit might not look quite the way you remember it when Ontario reopens

Despite the fact that a slowly growing number of workers will make their way back to the country's buses, streetcars and subways as they return to workplaces shuttered by the COVID-19 pandemic, the systems that will help get them there say they anticipate maintaining measures that took effect while most of their riders were in lockdown.

Doug Ford's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic draws praise from friends and foes

Doug Ford has been turning heads since it became clear that Canada would not be spared the spread of the novel coronavirus. But many of those heads, once likely to be thrown back in dismay, are now bestowing nods of approval.

People's party leader Maxime Bernier sues political pundit for defamation

A former member of Parliament and leader of a fringe federal political party is suing a prominent political commentator and strategist for defamation.

Deaf and blind Ontario woman suing government over student loan debt inequality

A disabled woman is in an Ontario court this week seeking changes to Canada's student loan program that she argues would level the playing field for people with disabilities.

New cannabis products may not eat into black market, experts say

The arrival of legal cannabis edibles, vapes and other products in Ontario won't necessarily meet the government's stated goal of cutting into the black market, according to industry observers.

Man charged with 1st-degree murder in mother's death after Etobicoke house fire

A man accused of killing his mother and deliberately setting a house on fire in Toronto was found not criminally responsible of a violent assault on her five years ago, according to documents from the Ontario Review Board.

Zero-tolerance policies aimed at stopping bullying not working, experts say

The shocking death of a 14-year-old Ontario boy who was stabbed outside his high school raises questions about the effectiveness of the anti-bullying campaigns that have gained prominence in Canada in recent years, those with expertise in the matter said Thursday.

Anti-carbon-tax stickers falling off gas pumps, Ford vows to fix the problem

The anti-carbon-tax stickers, which gas stations are required by law to post on their pumps, were produced using the wrong adhesive and are falling off.