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Michelle Gomez is a CBC Reporter in Vancouver. You can contact her at michelle.gomez@cbc.ca.

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B.C. housing and anti-poverty advocate now facing eviction himself

Paul Lagace is being evicted from his apartment in Prince Rupert, B.C, for some of the same reasons that he goes to court to represent others.

Canine swimming lessons help dogs get over their fear of water

Veterinarians say most dogs are natural swimmers, but lessons can help them be more confident in the water. Instructors in Vancouver say some owners are keen to give their pets a leg up with their dog paddle.

Man fatally shot in Port Alberni residence

RCMP are investigating a homicide that occurred Sunday evening at a home in a residential neighbourhood of Port Alberni, B.C.

Court extends injunction to halt construction of road through Surrey's Bear Creek Park

The B.C. Supreme Court has extended an interim injunction that ordered a halt to construction of a road through Bear Creek Park in Surrey until Aug. 19.

B.C. firefighting camp aims to get more women into fire service careers

Women currently make up about four per cent of the fire service in Canada. But a Vancouver-based camp for aspiring female firefighters is trying to change that.

Anti-pipeline activists mark one year of treetop occupation in Burnaby

Members of StopTMX, the group behind a year-long treetop protest of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project, have built two tree houses in the woods of Burnaby, B.C., and say they won't move until the entire project is cancelled.

Common B.C. flower is actually a carnivorous bug eater

The plant uses sticky red hairs on its stem to trap small insects as they fly by.

Trans Mountain pipeline tries to override Burnaby to gain permits for clearing 86 trees

This is in addition to more than 1,300 trees in Metro Vancouver that the Canada Energy Regulator has already let Trans Mountain cut down.

B.C. campfire enforcement service says 'people aren't getting it'

In the past month, despite the hundreds of wildfires burning throughout B.C., conservation officers have come across dozens of people ignoring the campfire ban across much of the province.

Southern resident killer whales spotted after prolonged absence

Orcas from J pod had not been spotted in the area for a record 108 days