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Michelle Gomez is a writer and reporter at CBC Vancouver. You can contact her at michelle.gomez@cbc.ca.

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Street artist who froze to death memorialized in retrospective exhibit

An exhibit at the Penticton Art Gallery is honouring Cree artist Alvin Elif Constant, also known by many as the Wandering Spirit, who sold his work on the streets of Vancouver and Victoria.

Seniors return to Vancouver mall for tai chi sessions 6 months after staff kicked them out

Mall staff at the city-owned Chinatown Plaza Mall kicked seniors out during a tai chi session in May earlier this year. The city has since apologized for the way the situation was handled, and permitted the group to use the space.

Campaign in B.C. schools aims to educate students on risks of vaping

The Ministry of Health says anti-vaping posters, signage, and pamphlets were distributed to schools later this month.

British Columbians say they feel stigmatized, ignored when seeking ADHD diagnosis

Andrea Fraser-Winsby, a Vancouver-based woman, was told by her doctor she did not have ADHD and was advised to use a planner to stay organized.

Kelowna teen killed in collision remembered as tenacious and wise beyond his years

Friends, family and community members gathered on Saturday to remember 15-year-old Tristan Seeger, who died after being struck by a car near Kelowna's Ben Lee park.

Vancouver teacher runs 200 laps around his school to highlight need for nationwide lunch program

A Vancouver teacher spent almost 12 hours running laps around his school to call attention to the need for a nationwide lunch program. Brent Mansfield ran around Lord Roberts Elementary 200 times, covering a distance of around 90 kilometres — more than two marathons. 

B.C. food banks struggle to keep up as demand across Canada soars

The Greater Vancouver Food Bank says more and more people are accessing its services each year, and with greater frequency than in the past as low wages and high rents squeeze people between inflation and other rising costs.

Lil Yachty's Vancouver concert cut short after attendees surge onto floor

The rap artist encouraged attendees in the stands to rush to the floor section, telling them to "come down here" and "fill it up."

Canadian growers eager to get their hands on hottest new chili pepper in the world

Pepper growers in B.C. and Alberta are keen to get their hands on Pepper X seeds.

Drunk birds found dead after eating fermented berries and flying into Vancouver house's window

According to a rehabilitation specialist, bird fatalities can increase this time of year as some birds feast on berries that ferment during the fall and winter, and become intoxicated.