Michelle Gagnon

Michelle Gagnon is a producer for CBC News. She covers domestic and international affairs.

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'Like being in a war': Women seek to overcome trauma of 1970s Quebec youth detention

Women who spent time in youth detention centres in Quebec in the 1970s have come together four decades later, remembering the trauma they faced there in the hopes of healing.

'We were sworn to secrecy': Canadian women share stories of their efforts to help win WWII

Members of the Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service, nicknamed the Wrens, did covert work that has been credited with helping win the Second World War.

'This is big money': New cities promise a smarter, greener future but will reality match the pitch?

Entire new cities are springing up across the Middle East, Latin America, Africa and Asia as powerful economic drivers for the developing world. These ambitious new mega-projects are awe-inspiring, but what kind of future do they really hold?

Marine Le Pen offering French voters a softer, gentler message

National Front leader is dropping both party and family affiliations — or what carried her all the way to the second round of France's presidential election this Sunday — in a last-ditch effort to win.

French voters choose change – but what type?

In a historic departure from 30 years of alternating between the country's parties on the left and right, the French have voted out the old guard and chosen two candidates who have little experience governing in the first round of presidential election voting, Michelle Gagnon writes from Paris.

'The old model is exhausted': Populism's effect on French politics

If common wisdom about current fury is right, and people across the West want change, they're getting a bellyful of it in France.

'We won't back down': Young right-wing activists agitate across Europe for an idealized past

Young, right-wing activists are taking to social media and adopting Greenpeace-style shock tactics to agitate across Europe against immigration and Islam, Michelle Gagnon writes from Paris.

With François Fillon, France's centre-right party moves further right

France's centre-right party Les Républicains abandons the centre to elect free market, social conservative candidate François Fillon as party leader and presidential hopeful.

Trump's win doesn't spell automatic success for France's far right

Marine Le Pen, leader of France's National Front party, has said that Donald Trump's election in the U.S. is just more proof of the emergence of a new world order.

'Everyone is afraid of it': France's massive ID database seen as threat to personal freedom

As the anniversary of last year’s Paris attacks approaches, the French government is facing heavy criticism for a massive database it is launching to collect and store the personal information of the country’s 60 million citizens, Michelle Gagnon writes from Paris.