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Michelle Eliot is the host of BC Today on CBC Radio One.

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Mabuhay B.C.

Filipino restaurants in Metro Vancouver face uncertain Christmas amid flood aftermath, COVID-19 restrictions

Filipino restaurants hoping for a busy, festive season are facing another challenging December, following disruptions to the supply chain after November's floods, and new restrictions forcing families to cut back on gatherings.
Mabuhay B.C.

Filipino Canadians call for support of Indigenous Peoples over shared colonized history

Filipino Canadians are calling on each other to support Indigenous people while also embracing their own — often forgotten — Indigenous roots in the Philippines.

Millennials 2.0: Young families feel the squeeze in Vancouver's housing market

Many millennials are now young parents and they're facing significant economic challenges as they raise the next generation — and one of the biggest obstacles is finding affordable housing.

'Odd Squad' cops say prevention, not more harm reduction, needed for fentanyl crisis

“I don't support elements of harm reduction that are legalizers in sheep's clothing there,” says a retired police officer who served for many years on the Downtown Eastside. He's part of the Odd Squad, a group that works on drug abuse prevention.
Point of View

It's never too late! Adults take beginner swim classes

CBC's Michelle Eliot takes the plunge and learns to swim

South Delta bike lane advocates aim to steer clear of driver hate

Long-time cyclist Carol Vignale says bike lanes should be more than just a dream for suburban residents on the south side of the Massey Tunnel

Is Uber the Apple of transportation?

To traditional transportation industries in Vancouver, Uber is one giant wrench hurled at its gears.

Millennial generation changing the world, one commute at a time

Sure, Millennials get a bad rap. They're entitled! They're beard-sporting hipsters! They're addicted to their smartphones! Stereotypes abound. Well, in the future, we may have this generation to thank for changing the course of transportation and urban planning.

How transportation consultant Bett Lauridsen tackled congestion along Vancouver's Cambie corridor

As she approaches retirement, a Vancouver transportation pioneer is sharing the secrets of how she reduced traffic congestion on Vancouver's Cambie corridor with CBC Radio's The Early Edition.

Original Port Mann bridge iconic arches coming down

If you've travelled along the new Port Mann bridge in the last two weeks, you've probably noticed a 50-foot wide gap at the centre of the old bridge next door. The iconic orange arches of the Port Mann bridge are coming down, piece by piece, starting with the middle.