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Mia Sheldon is a producer with CBC's The National.

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In taking action on climate, this Arctic community wants to be a beacon to the world

The Arctic is warming at a rate of two to three times the rest of the world, and while the signs of it may seem invisible to an outsider, they are disturbingly clear if you call Old Crow, Yukon, home.

Acquitted of terrorism but still considered a threat, this man's status in Canada hangs in limbo

Nothing is simple when it comes to Othman (Adam) Hamdan and his life in Canada. He spent four years imprisoned, but does not feel free now that he is out. He was acquitted, but lives under a cloud of suspicion.

The difficulty of vaccinating the world against COVID-19 is enormous

Uneven distribution of coronavirus vaccines worldwide is raising concerns about potential new variants while fuelling economic problems and unrest.

How regenerative farming could help Canada meet its new carbon emission targets

Unconventional farming techniques can improve soil health while helping to sequester carbon through approaches like cover cropping, crop diversity, and protecting watersheds.

Crucial ocean research disrupted by pandemic has both immediate and long-term impact

Ocean research that affects things ranging from weather forecasts to insurance rates has been hindered or sidelined completely due to the impact of the pandemic.

Gore-Bush battle shows what could happen if latest U.S. election results are contested in court

Election-watchers point to 2000 Gore-Bush Supreme Court showdown for lessons about what could happen if Trump-Biden result is close and ends up being challenged in court.

Heading back to an office soon? Expect to see a lot of changes

How some companies are making work-spaces safer in preparation for more staff returning to the office.

'We need all hands on deck': Canadian farmers struggle with labour shortfall due to COVID-19

Many Canadian farmers are worried that a delay in the arrival of temporary foreign workers because of COVID-19 could result in decreased production and increased prices.

'It's really lifesaving': From getting groceries to babysitting, 'caremongering' brings communities together

Online movements that offer good deeds and helpful hands are gaining momentum.

'When people come here they feel safe': Finding sanctuary at the Moss Park Overdose Prevention Site

A rare look inside the government-sanctioned overdose prevention site in Toronto's Moss Park neighbourhood to meet people who work there and those who use it.