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CBC Calgary reporter

Meghan Grant is the courts and crime reporter for CBC Calgary.

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Calgary pedophile ruled dangerous offender, handed indeterminate sentence

A Calgary man who has a history of sexually assaulting girls between the ages of three and seven years old has been declared a dangerous offender and sent to prison indefinitely.

Calgary father who killed daughter in drunk driving crash wants conviction overturned or lesser sentence

A Calgary father who killed his daughter when he rolled his Jeep while drunk wants his conviction overturned or at least a lighter sentence.

Calgary fire chief acknowledges culture of racism, 'fear of retaliation' within fire halls

Calgary fire Chief Steve Dongworth called reports of racism in his fire halls "concerning" and says problem employees are difficult to deal with because they're "very clever" and "very subtle" in how they operate.

Crown opposes bail for teen charged in hit-and-run death of Calgary police officer

The lawyer for the younger teen accused of murdering a Calgary police officer has been notified that if convicted, the prosecution will seek an adult sentence.

Racism in fire department 'horrifying,' says Calgary mayor in committing to culture change

Extreme racism festering in the city's fire halls is "horrifying" and "unacceptable," says Calgary's mayor reacting to a CBC News story about the toxic culture in the fire department.

'Predatory' southern Alberta man who raped 5 teens deemed dangerous offender, given indefinite sentence

A predatory sexual offender who's raped five teenage girls since 2003 has been designated a dangerous offender and handed an indefinite sentence. 

Both teens accused of murdering Calgary police officer will seek bail as soon as possible

Both teens accused of murdering a Calgary police officer will seek bail as soon as possible, according to their lawyers.

Teen victim of sexual assaults pleads guilty to role in murder of one of her abusers

A teenage girl who was repeatedly sexually assaulted by at least three men, including her father, has pleaded guilty to her role in the gruesome murder of one of her abusers.

Sex offender with severe mental health issues handed indefinite sentence by Alberta top court

A dangerous sexual offender whose sentence was originally crafted because of unique circumstances, including that she is a transgender woman with serious mental health issues, has been handed an indefinite prison term by the province's highest court. 

Thousands line route as Calgary police escort body of slain officer to funeral home

Thousands turned up to line the route as a formal procession escorted the body of Calgary's fallen police officer, Sgt. Andrew Harnett, from the medical examiner's officer to a funeral home in the city's southeast Tuesday afternoon.