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Meegan Read is a producer with CBC's Western Business Unit. She's been with CBC Radio, television and online for 20 years. You can follow on twitter @meeganreadcbc, but she mostly tweets about her favourite tv shows.

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Husky Energy announces layoffs

Months after revealing plans to cut its capital spending, Calgary-based Husky Energy announced Tuesday that it's also reducing its workforce, but did not say by how much.

Lime and Bird popularity creating demand for e-scooter sales

Some shops that sell e-scooters haven't had to advertise, since ride-sharing companies like Bird and Lime are building consumer awareness by allowing people to try them out as rentals.

Airlines, trucking industry face sharp rise in fuel prices

A new regulation targeting the international marine shipping industry could have a widespread impact on the economy, including the price of airline tickets and diesel at the pump.

Car dealerships could be out of business within a decade, says report

The time-honoured tradition of buying a shiny new sports car or a chrome-lined pickup truck from a lot may no longer exist a decade from now, according to a new report that paints a bleak future for auto dealerships in North America.

Calgary Food Bank: Meet the longest serving and most dedicated volunteer

Just as Alberta’s economy is dependant on oil, the Calgary Food Bank runs on volunteers. Last year about 6,000 people donated their time.

Calgary Food Bank client on what it's like to get help after hitting 'rock bottom'

The Calgary Food Bank is busier than ever: last year, one in nine Calgarians went to there for help. Andrea Chaisson is one of them and she tells us what it was like.

Arlene Dickinson opens up 1-of-a-kind business in Calgary

What does a Dragon do after its left its successful television den? In Arlene Dickinson's case, she sets herself up in a new business. The self made millionaire, and CEO of Venture Communications has opened up District Ventures in Calgary.

Big week ahead for Alberta's housing industry

This week we’ll get a veritable potpourri of housing information for Alberta.

Cancer survivor launches line of 'empathy cards'

Emily McDowell, after surviving Stage 3 Hodgkin's lymphoma, decided to launch a line of empathy cards — cards she wishes she had received when she was sick.