Meagan Fitzpatrick


Meagan Fitzpatrick is a multi-platform reporter with CBC in Toronto. She previously worked in CBC's Washington bureau and covered the 2016 election. Prior to heading south of the border Meagan worked in CBC's Parliament Hill bureau. She has also reported for CBC from Hong Kong. Follow her on Twitter @fitz_meagan

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Canada commits $350M for world's hungry

International Cooperation Minister Bev Oda announced an additional $350 million in funding for the World Food Program and the Canadian Foodgrains Bank Wednesday.

Organized crime suspected of being behind COVID-19 phishing and counterfeit-equipment scams

Organized crime groups have adapted their illegal operations to the COVID-19 pandemic and are successfully scamming Canadians, according to the RCMP. Experts say they are behind cyberscams and the trade in counterfeit and substandard medical goods.

Online sexual predators eager to take advantage of greater access to kids during COVID-19, police warn

Police are warning parents across Canada that in dark corners of the internet, sexual predators are talking eagerly among themselves about how children are home all day, every day and spending more time online because of the pandemic.

Crime data during COVID-19 shows spike in business break-ins, stunt driving

While it’s still early to get a broad picture of how the pandemic is affecting crime levels, some police forces are reporting early data that shows a rise in commercial break-and-enters and stunt driving. Police are also worried about domestic incidents rising in the weeks ahead.

Chief medical officers are leading Canada through COVID-19 crisis — and many are women

The most visible chief medical officers during the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada have been women. They are helping Canadians understand the outbreak and are gaining respect, and even fan clubs, along the way.

Long-term care homes are worrisome COVID-19 hotspots

Long-term care homes are used to dealing with outbreaks of influenza and other illnesses within their walls, but this pandemic has led them to go far beyond their usual infection control protocols.

Ontario sexual assault centres urge Ford government to help meet 'explosive' demand for service

Rape crisis centres say the #MeToo movement has led to more women seeking support after sexual assaults, and they desperately need funding that was promised by the previous government to meet the increased demand. But Premier Doug Ford's government says it's still reviewing the funding and won't say how long that will take.

'First partner': Will the gender-neutral title of California governor's wife catch on?

Jennifer Siebel Newsom is a feminist filmmaker whose husband, Gavin, is the new governor of California, and the couple is calling her the "first partner" rather than "first lady."

Is Ontario's patient ombudsman next on the Ford government chopping block?

Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliott won't indicate whether her former job as the province's patient ombudsman is on the chopping block. The role has been vacant since she quit in February and there's no indication her government is searching for a replacement.

Doug Ford pulls Ontario representative from Washington

Ontario's new premier has removed the province's representative in Washington, D.C., from her position and it's not clear whether Doug Ford intends to replace Monique Smith or scrap the position. Her departure comes at a time when ongoing trade issues with the U.S. could impact Ontario's economy.