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Maya Lach-Aidelbaum is a reporter with CBC Yukon. She has previously worked with CBC News in Toronto and Montreal. You can reach her at

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Yukoners reclaim culture through traditional Tlingit tattooing

On Wednesday, eight brave Yukoners put needle to skin, many for the first time, as part of a Tlingit tattoo workshop at the Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre. Workshop leader Anne Spice said the goal is to reintegrate Tlingit tattooing as a cultural practice in Whitehorse.

Yukon First Nations have mixed feelings about papal visit

While a large number of residential school survivors from the Yukon will be making the trip to Edmonton this weekend to see the papal apology, many others aren’t interested in attending.

Whitehorse couple priced out of their hotel room 'so happy' to find new place to live

Kathy and Brian Poho, who were priced out of their room in the River View Hotel in downtown Whitehorse as tourism season began, have found a new place to live. They are now renting a two-bedroom apartment in Whistlebend for $2,000 a month, not including utilities.

Keno City residents take fire protection into their own hands, say gov't isn't providing enough help

When Keno City was put under an evacuation alert last week because of wildfires, local residents hurried to finish assembling their fire protection system. The community, which has been without protection since its fire truck was removed by the Yukon government in 2019, is frustrated with how little the government is doing to protect them from fire.

2 Yukoners describe struggle to find suitable, affordable housing

Amidst Yukon’s housing shortage, two long-term renters say finding a place to live has become harder and more expensive. One Whitehorse-area resident says the situation has gotten so bad, she’s thinking of leaving the territory.

Hundreds gather for National Indigenous Peoples Day celebrations in Whitehorse

On Tuesday, hundreds of people gathered at the Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre in downtown Whitehorse to celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day. The day — which falls on the summer solstice — is meant to recognize and honour First Nations, Inuit and Métis cultures.

Whitehorse couple has nowhere to go as tourism season begins and hotel rates rise

Kathy and Brian Poho, who have been living at the River View Hotel in downtown Whitehorse for the past year and a half, say they are being forced to leave their room by the end of the month. The couple say the hotel is making room for tourists, leaving them with no place to go.

Whitehorse one of the only cities in the world to measure airborne microplastics

Microplastic pollution is usually associated with the ocean where it's been widely studied, but new research shows those tiny particles can be found in the air as well, even in the Yukon. 

Yukon's Kluane Mountain Bluegrass Festival returns for 1st time since pandemic began

Haines Junction, Yukon, was alive with the sound of fiddles and banjos over the weekend as the Kluane Mountain Bluegrass Festival revved up for the first since 2019.

These people needed new careers. They found them at coding boot camps

A growing number of people, particularly those working in industries that were hard-hit by the pandemic, are pivoting to tech careers. Coding boot camps for people looking to "re-skill" for a job in the tech industry have seen a significant increase in enrolment.