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Matt D'Amours is a journalist at CBC Montreal.

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After couple tests positive for COVID-19 in long-term care, husband dies on wedding anniversary

Betty and Norman Wilson, who had known each other for decades before getting married in their 80s, recently contracted COVID-19 while living at the Manoir West Island. Last week, Norman passed away on the couple's ninth wedding anniversary.

Montreal kicks Airbnb renters out of condemned apartment building

Montreal officials had to once again kick Airbnb guests out of a Pointe-Saint-Charles apartment building that was deemed unsafe for inhabitation more than two years ago.

Evictions on the rise as Montreal's vacancy rate hits 15-year low

Michelle Tompkins and her husband want to fight the repossession, but they're also looking at other apartments. She says many units in the area are out of their price range, and with a three-year-old son, the family is on edge.

Saint-Henri food bank operates like a grocery store, but free of charge

Montreal's Welcome Hall Mission is meeting the growing demand for food with a unique concept.

Veterinarian patrols streets of Montreal offering services to homeless pets

Montreal veterinarian Isabelle Pinard wants to help the city’s homeless care for the health of their animals — and she’s doing it by bringing her expertise to the streets.
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Dinner under the stars: A CBC reporter's take on the out-of-this-world menu developed for astronauts

As Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques prepares for his journey to the International Space Station, the Canadian Space Agency is making sure his appetite is well taken care of when he climbs aboard.
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Black victims overrepresented in deadly encounters with Montreal police, CBC data shows

A CBC investigation has found six black men died during or after encounters with Montreal police between 2000 and 2017. Black people made up about eight per cent of the city's population over that period, but accounted for 19 per cent of all victims.

Is Camillien-Houde Way really the shortcut it's cracked up to be?

Two drivers. Two different routes. One mountain in the centre of the city. CBC decided to find out what will happen when commuters who cut across the mountain are forced to take another route.

Pierrefonds flood victims cry foul over missing tax relief

Several people in Pierrefonds say the city of Montreal hasn’t delivered on a possible tax break for victims of last spring’s flooding.

After being run over by a truck, Quebec cyclist calls for fewer heavy vehicles on city streets

Robert Robinson nearly died when he was run over by a truck last month in Greenfield Park. Now, as he struggles to recover from the accident, he wants the government to introduce stricter rules for heavy vehicles.