Mark Kelley

Co-host, The Fifth Estate

Mark Kelley loves a good story. His passion for giving a voice to those stories has taken him from Cape Spear, Newfoundland to Old Crow, Yukon -- from Dhaka, Bangladesh to Defiance, Ohio. He is an International Emmy award winning journalist, and a six-time Gemini/Canadian Screen Award winner.

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The Fifth Estate

Dozens of students who could be kicked out of Canada say they were duped by immigration agents in India

Dozens of international students from India who have been accused of using forged documents to get into Canada say they were defrauded by immigration agents back home.
The Fifth Estate

Police cleared suspect's brothers before arresting him for grisly 1983 killings of 2 Toronto women

The man charged in the gruesome 1983 killings of Susan Tice and Erin Gilmour in Toronto was arrested after police eliminated his four brothers from their investigation of the cold cases, The Fifth Estate has learned.

Mormon Church in Canada moved $1B out of the country tax free — and it's legal

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has used $1 billion it collected for charity in Canada to finance its own private university in the United States, an investigation by CBC’s The Fifth Estate has found.
The Fifth Estate

International students enticed to Canada on dubious promises of jobs and immigration

International students are being billed four times what Canadians pay to attend college in Ontario, and tens of thousands of them are recruited to private career colleges in office buildings, often with no libraries or common spaces and limited student supports.

WE Charity misled donors about building schools in Kenya, records show

Marc and Craig Kielburger’s WE Charity routinely misled school-aged children and wealthy philanthropists across North America for years as it solicited millions for schoolhouses in Kenya and other projects in its Adopt-A-Village program, an investigation by CBC’s The Fifth Estate has found.

New trial ordered for retired Quebec judge convicted of killing his wife

Federal Justice Minister David Lametti has ordered a new trial for Jacques Delisle, 85, a retired Quebec Court of Appeal judge convicted of first-degree murder in the 2009 death of his wife.

Multiple WE Charity donors raised money for same borehole well in Kenyan village

Three groups donated tens of thousands of dollars each in 2013 to WE Charity, then known as Free the Children, for what turned out to be the same well in a village in Kenya, contributing total amounts that far exceeded the cost of the project and raise questions about what the charity did with the extra money that was collected.

Don't show a photo of David Suzuki: How WE Charity tried to keep its donors happy

A decision to remove an image of David Suzuki from programming for WE Days illustrated a larger problem at WE Charity, former employees told CBC’s The Fifth Estate. A great deal of attention was paid to finding, keeping and making sure donors and sponsors were happy.

Kielburger brothers say WE Charity controversy left them 'political roadkill'

The co-founders of WE Charity say they now regret the organization's decision to invite prominent politicians — including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau — to their events.
The Fifth Estate

Family of young black man killed in Brampton, Ont., says he was shot by police after calling 911 himself

D'Andre Campbell was known for his big heart and big dreams. He was one of eight siblings living with their parents in a cozy neighbourhood in Brampton, Ont., brimming with life.