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Marie Sutherland is a web writer with CBC News based in Saint John. You can reach her at

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On this N.B. farm, the horses are tiny but the rewards are huge

Aimée Hutchinson has known since she was three years old that horses were her destiny. Now married with kids of her own, she's passing that love on to everyone who visits her Beloved Miniatures Horses farm.

Listeners shocked as N.B.'s Mr. Bingo resigns on live radio

Every Tuesday night for 15 years, residents up and down the Acadian Peninsula have gathered their Bingo cards, tuned in to CKRO-FM and listened as Gaston Doiron called out the numbers. That all came to a dramatic halt last Tuesday.

Grubs, and the critters that eat them, are turning N.B. lawns upside down

Across New Brunswick, residents are surveying their decimated yards, with vast patches of bare dirt, peeled-back chunks of sod, and clumps of torn-up grass strewn everywhere.

Kids' play area closed after black bear sighting in Saint John park

A children's play area in Irving Nature Park in Saint John was evacuated and temporarily closed Sunday after a black bear was spotted in the area.

Someone is hiding cash all over an N.B. city and residents are loving it

A strange and exciting mystery has gripped the city of Miramichi, drawing residents out of their homes and into forests and fields, sometimes in broad daylight, sometimes under cover of night.

How an army of strangers and a random kindness saved the day at an N.B. hospital

They're the first gift a newborn baby gets. But the beautiful, handmade baby hats aren't just for show, which is why Kelly Terris was worried when she saw that, for the first time in 20 years, the Moncton Hospital's supply had dipped perilously low.

Lobster-obsessed N.B. artist scores gig of a lifetime

Moncton artist Jared Betts admits he's a bit obsessed with lobsters. So who better to repair, paint and maintain Shediac's famous "world's biggest lobster" statue?

Grand Bay-Westfield has chosen its new name and it's ... Grand Bay-Westfield

The residents of Entity 51 have decided on the name they'd like their amalgamated new community to be called, and it's got a familiar ring to it.

The edible forest: N.B. foragers reap a treasure trove of free food

From amateurs to experts, a new wave of foragers is discovering the bounty of New Brunswick's forests, fields and riverbanks. Cattails and trout lily salad, anyone?

Saint John Airport expanding, set to welcome bigger jets and new airline

Big changes are coming to YSJ this spring, with an expanded departure lounge, new dining options, and the arrival of Swoop airline and 737 jets.