Margaret Evans

Europe correspondent

Margaret Evans is a correspondent based in the CBC News London bureau. A veteran conflict reporter, Evans has covered civil wars and strife in Angola, Chad and Sudan, as well as the myriad battlefields of the Middle East.

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With 110K dead, U.K. government hopes vaccine rollout will redeem pandemic failures

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently said he takes full responsibility for the government's response to COVID-19. That includes a formidable vaccination effort, but also failing to establish a "world-beating" test and trace system and often resisting the advice of health experts, writes Margaret Evans.

Under house arrest after contested election, Uganda's Bobi Wine still hopes to inspire country's youth

Two days after Uganda’s electoral commission announced that President Yoweri Museveni had decisively won last week’s ballot, challenger Bobi Wine and his wife remained under house arrest just north of the capital, Kampala.

COVID-19 didn't overwhelm Africa as some feared. But Uganda is a cautionary tale of rising risk

Uganda has managed to avoid the deadliest impacts of COVID-19 relatively well so far. But doctors say it wouldn’t take much of a spike to overwhelm the country’s hospitals, which have only 55 functional intensive care beds for 42 million people.

Women in Egypt thronging to social media to reveal sexual assaults, hold abusers to account

In Cairo, secrets long suppressed have been rising to the surface — and with them hopes the country may be experiencing a feminist movement capable of challenging the culture of impunity that has long accompanied gender-based violence in Egypt.

Amid unprecedented economic crisis, many Lebanese despair

Lebanon is hurting. And this time, say many Lebanese, who are no strangers to fortunes reversed, it's different.  

Former Israeli foreign minister calls on Netanyahu to abandon West Bank annexation plan

The former Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni has added her voice to those calling on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to abandon plans to annex parts of the occupied West Bank, saying it would close the door on peace with the Palestinians and threaten the idea of Israel as a Jewish democratic state.

Plight of the pangolin: Once coveted, now feared because of coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic may actually help conservation efforts to protect pangolins, but other endangered species aren't as lucky. A decline in Africa's tourism of late has contributed to a rise in hunting and poaching.

Germany, a global leader on COVID-19 response, cautiously comes out of lockdown

Germany’s robust response to the coronavirus crisis early on has been widely praised — a high number of infections, yes, but a much lower death rate compared to other Western countries. As it emerges from its phased-in lockdown, the debate has turned to the question of whether it's being eased too fast or not fast enough.

U.K. COVID-19 death toll surpasses 32,000, making it deadliest coronavirus outbreak in Europe

British officials have been criticized for taking too long to act to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus, and now, the U.K. has the deadliest outbreak in Europe, with the number of deaths surpassing 32,000 Tuesday. 

Against a common foe, nations around the world go their own way on pandemic

Individual countries may indeed be toiling against a common foe in the form of the virus, but the picture of an international community working together and offering a co-ordinated response remains very much a work in progress.