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Malone Mullin is a reporter in St. John's who previously worked in Vancouver and Toronto. News tip? Reach her at

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Iceberg lovers go wild over viral photos of the 'dickie berg' off Newfoundland's coast

A man from Dildo, N.L. has captured the attention of already-enthralled iceberg lovers after photographing an oddly-shaped hunk off the coast of Newfoundland.

Former John Howard Society manager accused of demanding sex act for clean urine test

A former manager at a high-profile prisoners' advocacy organization is accused of threatening to fail a man's urine test if he didn't provide him with sexual gratification.

She endured 3 trials after being raped by Doug Snelgrove. Now Jane Doe is thanking those who helped

The woman who was sexually assaulted by a St. John’s police officer is thanking the public for championing her case after her assailant’s attempt to overturn his conviction was denied.

RNC officer Doug Snelgrove's sexual assault appeal has been dismissed, sources say

More than eight years after the on-duty St. John's police officer raped a young woman in her own living room, Snelgrove is going to jail.

Police shouldn't be the sole solution to gender-based violence, says St. John's lawyer

A St. John's lawyer representing women's advocacy groups is applauding the Mass Casualty Commission report's guidance to remove police and the courts as the primary means of handling gender-based violence.

Rescue underway for pod of dolphins stranded by ice in Dildo Cove

Seven dolphins are stuck in an ice-free area the size of a swimming pool just outside Dildo, N.L., on Thursday, as fisheries officials and volunteers attempt to relocate the pod.

In Nain, changing ice conditions leave some feeling trapped

At the top of remote Labrador, the people in Nunatsiavut's northernmost community say as parts of the winter landscape disappear, they're taking some of their identity with it.

Substitute teacher Krysta Grimes found not guilty in sexual exploitation trial

Krysta Grimes, a St. John's substitute teacher accused of having sex with her underage student in 2018, has been found not guilty, in a verdict delivered in Supreme Court on Friday afternoon.

Krysta Grimes awaits verdict in sexual exploitation trial after her lawyer calls no witnesses

A St. John’s teacher accused of having sex with one of her underage students now awaits a verdict after a brief trial.

Former St. John's high school student says sex with teacher Krysta Grimes was planned on Snapchat

A student who says he had sex with his high school teacher took the stand Friday, telling a St. John’s courtroom that he and Krysta Grimes planned a meeting for sex over a popular messaging app.