Louis-Philippe Rochon

Louis-Philippe Rochon is a professor of economics at Laurentian University and co-editor of the Review of Keynesian Economics. He is currently on sabbatical at the Universite de Grenoble-Alpes.

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Time for Trudeau government to show leadership on income inequality

The Trudeau government keeps surprising us all with its conflictual and incoherent approach to policy, and its latest flip-flop centres around an issue that has possible long-term consequences — income inequality, says economics professor Louis-Philippe Rochon.

Louis-Philippe Rochon: Why inequality is bad for growth

High levels of income disparity are an impediment to economic growth and are among the main reasons Canada's economy is stuck in this state of secular stagnation, writes economics professor Louis-Philippe Rochon.

Guaranteed annual income could affect job creation, wages

After years in obscurity, the idea of a guaranteed annual income is suddenly back on the national agenda. It gets support and criticism from both the left and the right, Louis-Philippe Rochon writes.

To tax or not to tax: Are higher taxes detrimental to economic growth?

With a new federal government promising a higher tax rate on Canadians earning more than $200,000 a year, one fundamental question on the minds of many Canadians is whether higher taxes are detrimental to economic growth, writes Louis-Philippe Rochon.

Would an NDP win mean the end of Canada?

With the NDP riding high in a number of national polls at the moment, there is increasingly a real possibility it will form the next government. Some are predicting, however, an NDP win would be catastrophic for Canada and would spell economic doom for the country.

Social impact bonds: Another attempt at privatizing government?

The Manitoba Progressive Conservatives have promised to issue and use "social impact bonds" to finance the province's social services. But social impact bonds are just another attempt at privatizing government and may end up costing you more, writes Louis-Philippe Rochon.

Canada's economy 'dead in the water,' headed toward recession

Canada’s economy shrank in the first quarter by a whopping 0.6 per cent. So far, everybody is afraid of asking the most obvious question: is this the beginning of a new recession?

A tale of 2 economies: Making sense of U.S. and Canadian labour market data

If you’re watching labour market statistics on both sides of the U.S. and Canadian border, you might think our economies are heading in very different directions. But a closer look shows that there are striking — and troubling — similarities.

Income inequality damaging Canadian economy

While the rich keep getting richer and the poor get poorer, new research is showing that income inequality is harmful to a country’s economic growth.

On the verge of another world economic crisis

For the better part of the last three years, I have been arguing that the world is on the verge of another economic crisis, not unlike the one we witnessed in 2007.