Louis-Philippe Rochon

Louis-Philippe Rochon is a professor of economics at Laurentian University and co-editor of the Review of Keynesian Economics. He is currently on sabbatical at the Universite de Grenoble-Alpes.

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Time for Trudeau government to show leadership on income inequality

The Trudeau government keeps surprising us all with its conflictual and incoherent approach to policy, and its latest flip-flop centres around an issue that has possible long-term consequences — income inequality, says economics professor Louis-Philippe Rochon.

Is there actually an alt-left?

U.S. President Donald Trump recently asked about the role of the "alt-left" in the Charlottesville riots. Since then, the phrase has started to see use by pundits. But is there actually an ‘alt-left?'

It's time to rethink monetary policy

The Bank of Canada's decision to hike its interest rate for the first time in seven years was a bad idea, argues economist Louis-Philippe Rochon.

Trudeau's criticism of 'corporate elites' rings hollow

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau paints himself as the champion of the working class. But he pursues policies that will inevitably hurt the working class and further resentment against the 'political and corporate elites,' Louis-Philippe Rochon says.

The great Canadian hoodwink

It is a sight history has witnessed all too often: progressive parties getting into power and becoming more conservative than official conservative parties. François Hollande, socialist by name only, is certainly a good example of this, but it is also happening in Canada now.

New year brings new hope for economy

It is hard to believe it’s been a decade since the world economy essentially imploded under the weight of increased fragility and casino-type economic policies that destabilized markets.

Canadians must lose irrational fear of increased deficits, economist says

As Canada’s finance minister consults widely in preparation for the next federal budget, an urgent question on every economist’s mind is: Should the federal government increase its spending to help the Canadian economy?

Why Brexit matters for future Quebec sovereignty debates

There are lessons to be learned from Brexit with respect to past and future Quebec campaigns for sovereignty, Louis-Philippe Rochon writes.

'Sunny ways make room for darker days,' Louis-Philippe Rochon writes

Justin Trudeau’s response to our economic woes, while on the right track, will prove inadequate in the longer term because they are too timid, Keynesian economist writes.

Brexit: Xenophobia, nationalism — and questions about income distribution

Most politicians and political parties will resist asking the right questions about Brexit, and instead will simply blame the racists and the xenophobes, Louis-Philippe Rochon says.