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Courts not protecting our kids, domestic violence survivors say

Survivors of domestic violence are generally supportive of their children having a relationship with their former partners, but say they wish their concerns about safety, retraumatization and their childrens’ fears about being around the other parent were given greater consideration in family court, a CBC investigation has found.
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'A broken system': Why workers are fighting mandatory mail-order drug plans

Denying workers a choice in where they can buy their prescription drugs can save companies money, but many workers say the choice is simply too important.
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New post-secondary sexual assault policies a start but fall short, experts say

Next month, British Columbia will become the second province in Canada with mandatory sexual assault policies in place at its universities — but some experts say while such policies are a good first step they are far from a perfect solution.
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'The rose-coloured glasses are off': Why experts, students suspect racism under-reported on campuses

Many Canadian universities received few or no official student complaints of racial discrimination or harassment between 2011 and 2015. But experts and students — and even a couple of the universities — tell CBC News those low numbers aren’t necessarily a sign of racial harmony.
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Why so many Canadian universities know so little about their own racial diversity

A CBC News investigation looks at the reasons why so many Canadian universities don't collect race-based data about their student communities even though many experts say the information could help schools better serve their students.
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'It may go unnoticed': Why Canada is ripe for immigration scams

Some of Canada's best-known companies, including Bell Canada, Via Rail, Scotiabank and Bombardier, have had their names used as a front to defraud foreign job seekers out of thousands of dollars, CBC News has learned.
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Brock University faced earlier sex assault complaint involving history professor

The professor at the centre of Brock University’s recent sexual harassment scandal faced a very similar allegation from a different student only months earlier in a complaint also involving large amounts of alcohol, CBC News has learned.
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Brock University to hire new sexual violence response co-ordinator, review policies

Brock University will be creating a task force to review all of its policies dealing with sexual harassment, sexual violence and unprofessional behaviour and will hire a new sexual violence response co-ordinator, the school's president, Jack Lightstone, announced Friday.
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Brock University faculty demand changes to sexual harassment policies

Several dozen faculty at Brock University issued an open letter to the school's president Wednesday calling for changes to the way sexual harassment and assault complaints are handled after a CBC News investigation found the administration attempted to silence a student who was sexually harassed by a professor.
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Brock University students angered by handling of sexual harassment case

Brock University students responded with frustration and anger after CBC News revealed that a former student was asked to keep quiet about a report that found her professor gave her alcohol and tried to force himself on her sexually.