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First police investigation of junior hockey players in sex assault case 'cursory at best,' expert says

When police in London, Ont., carried out two separate investigations into the 2018 sexual assault allegations that have rocked Hockey Canada, they examined the same incident, but came to different conclusions.
CBC Investigates

Canadian flight crews demand protective suits as more than a dozen fall ill with COVID-19

More than a dozen Canadian flight attendants have fallen ill with COVID-19, CBC News has learned. The union representing the country's largest airline says crews need better protective gear.

How sick Canadian travellers are masking COVID-19 symptoms to get through airport screening

Canadians desperate to return home from abroad in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic are easily circumventing air travel screening aimed at preventing sick and infected passengers from boarding planes, CBC News has found.
CBC Investigates

Female firefighter in Toronto alleges years of abuse and harassment at Toronto Fire Services

A female firefighter in Toronto is coming forward with allegations of years of harassment and discrimination while she worked as a firefighter for Toronto Fire Services.

Store owner claiming $21.5M jackpot misled officials: documents

An Ontario store owner who claimed a $21.5-million prize in 2006 misled lottery officials when he first spoke to them about the winning ticket, according to documents obtained by CBC News after a lengthy dispute with the province's lottery corporation.