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Lauren O'Neil covers internet culture, digital trends and the social media beat for CBC News. You can get in touch with her on Twitter at @laurenonizzle.

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Apple stops Unicode from releasing a rifle emoji, gun advocates get mad

Apple and Microsoft are being accused of getting political by pressuring Unicode into dropping two new gun emojis.

Status and race in the Stanford rape case: Why Brock Turner's mug shot matters

The fact that authorities withheld Brock Turner's mug shot for 16 months is being pegged as an illustration of the racial disparities within America's criminal justice system.

The Bible has been translated into emoji for millennials

At long last, people between the ages of 16 and 35 can now understand the "bestselling book of all time" thanks to an emoji translation of the Bible.

The Canadian government tweets about Pokemon, is totally hip

Snarky Twitter replies about trying too hard: Gotta catch 'em all?

White people with dreadlocks: Justin Bieber adds fuel to the cultural appropriation debate

Appropriation or appreciation? The debate surrounding whether or not it's okay for white people to wear traditionally black hairstyles is perennial, polarizing, and incredibly nuanced.

Photo of Justin Trudeau doing yoga makes the internet freak out — again

Another week, another resurfaced photo of Canada's prime minister for the world to thirst over.

New smartphone-shaped handgun is the ultimate 'concealed carry' weapon

Gun enthusiasts are rushing to order a new, 380-calibre pistol that's been designed to resemble a smartphone.

Cold-weather style machine: Why outerwear is Canada's hottest fashion export

If what public figures wear can be taken as a barometer of success for designers, Canada already has a well-established place in the fashion industry worldwide.

Women read sexist Donald Trump quotes in powerful new attack ad

New anti-Trump ad features horrible things Donald Trump has said about women, as read by women.

Pranksters troll TV station with fake news tips from The Simpsons

Simpsons fans are trolling TV stations worldwide with fake news tips and screenshots from the show.