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Lauren O'Neil covers internet culture, digital trends and the social media beat for CBC News. You can get in touch with her on Twitter at @laurenonizzle.

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Deleting your Instagram account won't solve the internet's hate problem

Catching even just a tiny fraction of the hate hurled around online each day can hurt, especially if you feel powerless. Here's how to fight back.

Why Gawker matters: Bankruptcy auction could make or break the 'voice of a generation'

The auction of Gawker Media is expected to attract some heavy hitters, but will it save the company — or kill its snarky spirit?

Donald Trump's Reddit AMA was heavily moderated, totally boring

Donald Trump officially participated in his first ever Reddit AMA on Wednesday evening as promised, and, despite some considerable attempts to make things rowdy, it was anything but.

Donald Trump to host a Reddit AMA during the Democratic convention

The Republican presidential candidate is set to host his first ever Ask Me Anything session on Reddit this Wednesday, which is either very dumb or very smart.

How to catch 'em all in Canada: Pokemon Go tips from a 'seasoned' pro

So you wanna be the very best, eh? Like no one ever was? Good luck, my fellow Canucks — you'll need it.

The Pokemon Go phenomenon, explained by a millennial

Pokemon Go is more than a viral sensation: it's an ice-breaker, an inadvertent exercise app, and a dream come true for nostalgic Nintendo fans.

Number of U.S. blacks killed by police hard to pin down with no official figures

The actual number of black Americans killed by police is proving hard to pin down without official U.S. statistics.

Apple stops Unicode from releasing a rifle emoji, gun advocates get mad

Apple and Microsoft are being accused of getting political by pressuring Unicode into dropping two new gun emojis.

From hokey nostalgia to hard-hitting history: The evolution of Canada's Heritage Minutes

Historica Canada's digital savvy plays well to nostalgic young adults, but the Heritage Minutes are every bit as educational as they were before – if not more so.

Status and race in the Stanford rape case: Why Brock Turner's mug shot matters

The fact that authorities withheld Brock Turner's mug shot for 16 months is being pegged as an illustration of the racial disparities within America's criminal justice system.