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Lauren McCallum has been a reporter at CBC Montreal for 25 years.

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Cabot Square gets a new 'wellness centre' to help area's homeless

Homeless people around Montreal's Cabot Square, who outreach workers say face a worsening crisis following the Open Door shelter's move to a new location last year, will soon have nearby services once again.

'They have nowhere to go': Cabot Square's Indigenous navigator seeks more help for area's homeless

As many as 14 people have died in and around the area, advocates say, calling for government action to deal with a growing crisis. Help could soon be on the way.

Montreal man has $800 in rolled change, but his bank won't deposit the money

Julien Perrotte stood in front of the representative at his local bank last week, unsure he properly understood what she was telling him. 

Montreal town officials ready for legal fight against Quebec electoral map reform

Four municipalities and one borough have banded together and will be going to court to fight changes to the new provincial electoral map.

Kahnawake Mohawks hold roadside protest in support of Standing Rock

Mohawks from Kahnawake are calling on U.S. President Barack Obama to put an end to the Dakota Access pipeline before Donald Trump takes power.

Academics call for Concordia prof Homa Hoodfar's immediate release

Academics in Montreal and Ireland are calling for the immediate release of Homa Hoodfar from an Iranian jail, where she has been held since her arrest on June 6 in Tehran.

Quebec maple syrup rebel takes case to Supreme Court

Angèle Grenier imagined retiring on the profits of her maple farm, but she's ended up paying more than $100,000 in legal fees after Quebec's Maple Syrup Producers Federation took her to court for selling her syrup to New Brunswick.

Turcot Interchange work could lead to depression and anxiety, psychologists say

Some psychologists are warning that exposure to major long term construction projects, such as the new Turcot Interchange, could lead to depression and anxiety.

Quebec students to get full marks for history exam essay question

Quebec students who wrote the Grade 10 history exam will get full marks for an essay question that was leaked.

Montreal police chief says media leaks won't be tolerated

On Daybreak, Montreal police Chief Philippe Pichet tiptoed around questions about leaks to the media, details of an internal ethics investigation and reports of strife within the ranks.