Laura MacNaughton


Laura MacNaughton is a field producer in the business unit of CBC News. She joined CBC in 2007 and has produced a range of national television, radio and online stories. Prior to joining CBC, she spent several years producing morning talk radio programs at CJBK in London, Ont.

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Fertility perks are key benefit companies can offer in tight labour market, advocates say

Roughly one in six couples in Canada experience infertility, a number that the Public Health Agency of Canada says has doubled since the 1980s. Some of the country's largest corporations are starting to provide coverage for procedures like IVF, thanks to pressure from employees and a competitive labour market.

Canada needs workers — so why aren't more companies hiring the neurodivergent?

Organizers of a job fair for people with autism question why all employers aren’t looking at this neurodiverse talent pool to help solve the labour shortages so many companies are experiencing.  

How the pandemic could create the flexible workplaces parents need

The pandemic may actually lead to workplaces that are more empathetic to working parents, particularly women.

Shopping safely: The challenges of managing a grocery store amid COVID-19

Grocery workers on the front lines talk about the new steps they're taking to ensure the shopping experience is safe.

High-performance? CBD-infused drinks for athletes coming as pot edibles are legalized

Regulations come into effect today allowing cannabis-containing edibles, extracts and creams to be produced and sold in Canada, opening the door to a wave of potential business opportunities targeted not just at the recreational user, but also athletes.

'I felt old': Over the hill at 40? Could be, if you work in advertising

If you’re over the age of 40 and still working at an advertising agency, you might start planning your next career move now. Ageism is rife in the communications business and happening at a younger age, warn industry insiders and past employees.

'It's a ball of yarn': Small business owner detained at border amid border and visa confusion

Heather Breadner found herself in a woolly situation when she tried to cross the Canada-U.S. border, but was turned back by customs agents who seemed confused about the paperwork she needed to sell her hand-dyed yarn at a festival in Maryland.

'Behavioural change requires time': Starbucks closes U.S. stores for anti-bias training

Starbucks outlets across the U.S. will close today so all of its employees can undergo bias training in the wake of a racially charged incident in Philadelphia. But diversity experts warn that such sessions are just a first step on the road to real behavioural change.

Craft beer trend creates a new craving for Canadian hops

With more craft breweries popping up in this country and the push for local and fresh ingredients, more Canadians are taking a shot at growing hops.

Political and economic uncertainty creates a rush to buy gold

Gold prices soar as investors around the world hoard the shiny metal in uncertain times amid ultra-low interest rates.