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Kyle Bakx is a Calgary-based journalist with CBC's network business unit. He's covered stories across the country and internationally.

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Alberta's carbon capture rollout plan criticized by industry over transparency, costs

Industry leaders in Alberta have criticized the government's rollout of a plan to capture carbon dioxide emissions underground as ineffective and lacking transparency, saying it has delayed billions of dollars of investment and increased costs.

If you thought gas prices were high, have you checked out diesel?

Powering the trucks, trains and ships that support our supply chains, the soaring price of diesel could drive up the price of almost everything we buy.

Suncor looks to turn the corner amid American investor pressure

A sharp rise in profits could show that Suncor is beginning to turn the corner — or it could represent a brief moment of relief from some investor calls for a shake-up of the company.

How a software company is microwaving Alberta's oilsands

As oilsands firms try to meet climate targets, there has never been as much focus on how the industry in northern Alberta can cut its air pollution, which is why a variety of technologies are in development, including innovations first conceived decades ago — like microwaving the oil out of the ground.
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Oilsands companies have an emissions problem and a plan to fix it — but who's listening?

Competitors in the Alberta oil industry have locked arms and pledged to wipe out greenhouse gas emissions as part of the Oil Sands Pathways to Net Zero alliance. But there are open questions about how much of the plan is achievable, what is motivating the oil companies and whether the sector's actions match their words.

Oil and gas will be around a lot longer than some think, despite climate change goals: RBC

Global ambitions to tackle climate change are being confronted by rising concerns about energy security, according to a new report by RBC, which is why oil and natural gas are going to be used for quite a while.

The next wave of electric vehicles is coming — and it could be buses, semis and other large trucks

When it comes to having large trucks running on batteries, the country is basically starting from scratch; the vehicles are scarce and often require their own industrial-sized network of charging stations.

With a windfall from Ottawa comes great climate expectations for the oilpatch

As the need for the world to act on climate change grows and the pressure on the oilpatch mounts, the industry has increasingly pushed for more government support to develop, construct and scale up carbon capture and storage. The federal government came to the table on Thursday, pledging immediate and long-term financial support.

Liberal climate plan looks to guarantee a carbon price, no matter who is in power

The federal government is now moving toward providing a guarantee of sorts, for firms that want to see the carbon tax climb to $170 per tonne by 2030.

In new emissions plan, Ottawa gives oilpatch a pass — for now

Without deep cuts in the oilpatch, there is scant chance Canada will meet its 2030 climate goal, but at least for now, the federal government is giving the sector a free pass from any major new regulations or costs aimed at slashing emissions.