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Kirthana Sasitharan is a Journalist with CBC News. Reach her on twitter @KirthanaSasitha.

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Reunited & it feels so good: Travellers return to Toronto for Caribbean Carnival weekend

Toronto's Caribbean Carnival returns to in-person events after two years, with the Grande Parade taking place on Saturday.

This Regent Park project is helping young people find their voices through the world of film

The Regent Park Project, through Kick Start Arts, is a gateway for youth from the community to get a taste of the film industry. Many have had opportunities to pitch to TV networks and some are now employed in the industry.

Toronto Board of Health votes to decriminalize possession of small amounts of illegal drugs

The Toronto Board of Health has voted to ask the federal government to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of illegal drugs in the city to help tackle the worsening opioid overdose crisis. 

Toronto women create app to help families preserve, record their stories

Anika Chabra and Jennifer Siripong founded Root and Seed as a way to create an "active heirloom." The app helps families have deeper conversations about their histories and ultimately record them.

Meet 3 Ontarians who discovered it's never too late to learn the language of your ancestors

For many, understanding culture starts with learning the language of their ancestors. Here's how some are starting that journey later in life.

This Toronto chef uses his grandmother's recipes to reconnect with his Vietnamese roots

David Huynh's culinary journey was inspired by his grandmother's love and passion for family. When she died, Huynh felt a need to reconnect with more of himself and ultimately know more about where his family came from.

This Ontario artist uses photography to 'feel more within' Portuguese culture than he ever has

Danny Custodio was surrounded by his culture growing up in Toronto's Little Portugal neighbourhood, but he never felt a calling to learn more about it. It wasn't until his last years at the Ontario College of Art and Design that he got interested in exploring his roots and reflecting them in his art.

How a Toronto music label is bringing South Asian culture, language to world stage

A music label based in Toronto is working with South Asian artists to record songs using regional languages and instruments. The label's goal is to bring South Asian music to a wider audience.

How do you show your Latin roots? These 2 GTA women are using social media to find out

Frida Vigil and Katherine Moncada are using Tiktok and Instagram to encourage young Latin Canadians to share how they identify with their cultures under the hashtag #ShowUsYourLatinRoots.

How reconnecting with their cultures is helping people find their most authentic selves

For Tiara Jade Chutkhan and Roveena Chand Jassal, the journey to learning more about their culture came at a time when they were trying to embrace more of who they are. An expert says while many people rediscover culture at any age, the movement is powerful among younger generations.