Kirthana Sasitharan


Kirthana Sasitharan is a journalist with CBC Toronto. She has spent her time travelling Ontario, telling stories in Thunder Bay, Sudbury, Ottawa, Kitchener-Waterloo, and Hamilton. She previously worked as a business reporter in Vancouver and Ottawa. She is passionate about stories related to women's and labour issues, culture and identity. You can reach her on Twitter @KirthanaSasitha.

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Bike sharing in Toronto has exploded over the years, but parts of the city remain underserved

New numbers on bike sharing in Toronto show more riders are using the service than ever before, but some say the service needs to expand further into underserved parts of the city to be equitable.

How hard is it to get around Scarborough? We tested three modes of transportation to find out

Transit in east Toronto has grown more challenging since the Scarborough RT went down. As residents await news on whether it will be back, CBC Toronto put three modes of transportation to the test to see how long it takes to get from Kennedy Station to Scarborough Town Centre.

Step, turn, dance, repeat: Salsa on St. Clair celebrates its 19th year

Hundreds of thousands of dance lovers are expected to take in TD Salsa on St. Clair this weekend. The annual event features music, culture, food and dance.

Free this summer? Meals on Wheels needs help to get food to the most vulnerable

WoodGreen Community Services says it is desperately looking for volunteers to help deliver food for its Meals on Wheels program. The organization only has about 30 volunteers right now, but typically needs 80.

Could Toronto make drinking fountains accessible year-round? This engineering grad says yes

Engineering Students at the University of Toronto say it is possible to making year round access to drinking fountains possible. Now they want the City of Toronto to allocate the funds to make it happen.

Funeral home workers worry about youths' mental health as repatriations to India increase

A funeral home in Toronto is drawing attention to mental health issues facing international students as it increasingly repatriates the remains of the young men and women to India.

These Toronto lawyers want South Asian newcomers to know their employment rights

Two South Asian Toronto lawyers have launched a campaign aimed at helping newcomers and immigrants know their employment rights while making public legal education accessible in South Asian languages

Toronto mom shocked to find 'disrespectful' toy resembling an Inuk inside Kinder Egg

A Toronto mother says she was shocked to find a toy that resembles an Inuk person inside an igloo, when her daughter opened her Kinder Surprise egg. The mother wants the company to remove the specific egg off the shelves, and work with cultural communities when creating toys.

Scammers tried to rob this Ontario couple of $9K. Police say more and more seniors are falling prey

Grandparent or emergency scams have accounted for massive losses for seniors in Ontario. But programs aimed at educating seniors about the various tactics and language used are aiming to change that.

Forced to flee after the Russian invasion, these architects will help rebuild Ukraine from Toronto

Toronto-based WZMH Architects decided to step up and offer assistance to skilled professionals from Ukraine who were seeking work. As a result, since mid-May, the firm has provided employment to seven Ukrainians, including four architects, who are now helping to rebuild their country from Canada.