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Kimberly Ivany is a producer with CBC's Go Public. Passionate about social justice stories, she began her career working with The Fifth Estate where she won two Canadian Hillman Prizes for her investigation into Canada's unsolved cases of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls, and why there are no seatbelts on school buses. You can reach her at

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Human smugglers are cashing in on Canada's border to move people from Mexico to the U.S.

Inside the human smuggling networks promising Mexicans safe passage from Canada to the U.S.
CBC Investigates

He went to RCMP and was charged with sexually abusing people in his care. Families wonder if there are more

Families who had loved ones in a Saskatchewan group home under the care of a man now facing sexual assault charges in connection with alleged incidents at the home years ago wonder if there may be more potential victims. The man was charged after he went to the RCMP earlier this year.
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Mistake by e-commerce platform Shopify nearly costs B.C. business $18K

When a customer complained he hadn't received his merchandise, this B.C. company sent ample evidence to the contrary to Shopify. But Shopify didn't send it to the investigating bank, nearly costing the merchants some $18,000. One expert says the credit card industry is a web of complicated relationships that often puts the customer first.
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Her mail was opened, her Apple Watch stolen and this woman blames Canada Post

An Ontario woman says her Apple Watch went missing after it was mailed from Australia by her daughter, and she suspects the package was opened by someone within Canada Post.
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Woman outraged CIBC job application suggests traditional regalia for video cover letter

An Indigenous Winnipeg woman says she was stunned by some questions on a CIBC job application, one of them asking about her favourite Indigenous tradition. Experts say it’s an opportunity for Canadian companies to learn better practices when pursuing diverse workplaces.
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Skiers, snowboarders complain of refund headaches with Vail Resorts

Dozens of people who thought they were eligible for refunds on season passes at Whistler Blackcomb they couldn't use because of injury or COVID-19 closures have complained about poor communication and a lack of clarity about the B.C. ski resort's refund policies.
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Terminal cancer patient denied magic mushrooms after Health Canada rule change

Janis Hughes's request to access psilocybin for medical purposes was denied because of a new Health Canada rule. The agency says it made the change because more research on the drug is needed, but experts in the field say the new system is creating roadblocks for palliative-care patients already struggling. 

Collection agencies hound seniors for rental water heater they never agreed to

An Ontario couple says they were harassed by collections agencies — sent after them by Reliance Home Comfort — that claimed the pair owed nearly $700 for a water heater rental that they never knew about. Their lawyer says Reliance has no grounds to go after them, and due diligence is key to protect homebuyers.
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Before things turn deadly: What can be done to prevent domestic homicide

CBC News spoke with three families who lost loved ones to intimate partner violence as part of the Deadly Relationships investigation. They shared ideas for solutions that could have kept their loved ones safe.
CBC Investigates

How CBC crunched the numbers on intimate-partner homicides

It took more than a year, 30 freedom of information requests and weeks of chasing down court documents across the country to compile the CBC News original database on intimate partner killings in Canada.