Kim Brunhuber

Los Angeles correspondent

Kim Brunhuber is a CBC News Senior Reporter based in Los Angeles. He has travelled the world from Sierra Leone to Afghanistan as a videojournalist, shooting and editing pieces for TV, radio and online. Originally from Montreal, he speaks French and Spanish, and is also a published novelist.

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The royal disruptors: Options abound for Harry and Meghan in their Hollywood rebrand

Amid the coronavirus lockdown, Prince Harry and Meghan have kept a fairly low profile since their recent move to California, but a Hollywood insider says they're already being shopped around for projects.

COVID-19 threatens Hollywood dream for struggling Canadians in U.S.

Actors and other creative types living in California who can't rely on royalties or residuals to tide them over during the shutdown are struggling without many of the safety nets that protect other Canadian workers.

'Eerily quiet': How California's early action against COVID-19 delayed the surge at hospitals

Since the pandemic began, California hospitals have been preparing for an influx of COVID-19 patients — the dreaded surge. It has yet to arrive. Evidence is mounting that the state's early action — including the first statewide stay-at-home order in the U.S. — helped slow the spread.

No longer 'overshadowed': Why California could play central role in choosing the Democratic nominee

California moved up its primary to Super Tuesday, giving the highly populated state a shot at increased relevance in the race for the Democratic Party to choose its presidential candidate.

'It's a good start': Berkeley takes the lead in charging fee for single use cups

A cup of coffee will soon cost a little bit more in one California city with a history of starting environmental trends. Beginning Jan. 1, businesses in Berkeley must include a charge of an extra 25 cents US for every to-go coffee cup — part of a growing worldwide movement against single-use items. 

Soaring above the gridlock: On-demand airlines take commuters to the skies

With urban congestion increasing every year, some customers are seemingly more willing to pay a premium to commute by air — and more startups taking off as a result.

'We are gathered. We are here.' Welcome to Black Girl Hockey Club

Welcome to Black Girl Hockey Club, a community of hockey fans from a demographic that is under-represented in hockey. These women of colour say Don Cherry's comments show a "culture change" is needed in the sport.

A bond forged by fire: Horse and owner recover after 'hell came to town'

As a horse and owner recover from a hellish escape from a California wildfire, and infernos of this kind worsen, the question remains: Should Canada and the U.S. require sprinklers in barns?

Climate change's next target: your natural gas range

To reduce greenhouse gases, a growing number of California cities are banning natural gas hookups and forcing residents to switch to electric.

Democrats have fallen into Trump's impeachment trap, his supporters say

U.S. President Donald Trump's supporters say the impeachment inquiry will galvanize Republican voters ahead of next year's election. In Corona, Calif., Trump supporters say no evidence will convince them of his guilt.