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Kate McGillivray is a writer and newsreader in Toronto. She's worked for the CBC in Montreal, Sherbrooke, Whitehorse and St. John's, and she always wants to hear your feedback and story ideas. Get in touch here: kate.mcgillivray@cbc.ca.

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Filters on laundry machines lead to 'significant' cut in microfibre pollution, Ontario study finds

Installing filters on washing machines could be a simple and effective way to catch the microscopic particles our clothes shed, says a new study from the University of Toronto.

Canada Post apologizes after delivery suspended to Roncesvalles homes for weeks without notice

Canada Post conducted a safety review in the neighbourhood and identified a number of houses that had problems - but didn't let people know there was an issue before suspending delivery.

Medically assisted death nonprofit says fear is hampering its search for permanent space

Thirteen months into an extensive search in Toronto, a nonprofit that provides a free space to receive the MAID procedure has yet to find a suitable space.

Ontario should allow more routine vaccinations at pharmacies, says pharmacy association

The Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada says a worrying number of Ontarians are missing routine vaccinations - and they’re pitching a solution.

MPP calls out province's free menstrual products plan for not including First Nations schools

The new program will see millions of donated pads distributed to Ontario’s public schools - but federally-funded provincial schools will not be included.

These 'ravine champions' are making sure Toronto's parks are more inclusive

Programs aim to rectify what experts say is a long-standing problem in Toronto: green space access is far from equal, and low-income, racialized communities are often left out.

City of Toronto, housing activists demand eviction data from Ontario Landlord Tenant Board

When it comes to evictions, there’s a lot that the City of Toronto and the housing advocates working alongside it don’t know.

Delaying rooming house legalization across Toronto puts lives at risk, housing advocates warn

Advocates say council’s recent decision puts unlicensed rooming house tenants at risk of illegal evictions and even death. 

Mental health impacts of pandemic on Toronto's young people could linger for years: report

'We are concerned that long-term anxiety and depression become life-long illnesses and burdens for our children to carry,” said the president of the Toronto Foundation.

Ontario announces new Indigenous curriculum for Grades 1-3

One day ahead of the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, Education Minister Stephen Lecce has promised to devote more money and time to Indigenous education in Ontario’s schools.