Justin Ling

Justin Ling is a Montreal-based journalist and the host of Uncover: The Village. He has written for the Globe & Mail, The Guardian, Foreign Policy, VICE News and others.

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How a QAnon conspiracy theory about Ukraine bioweapons became mainstream disinformation

More than a quarter of Americans polled at the end of March said they believe that the United States has been developing bioweapons in labs across Ukraine — a conspiracy conceived, crafted, and amplified by QAnon and the Russian government.

Toronto police made 'series of mistakes' while investigating death of Alloura Wells: interim chief

The investigation into the death of Alloura Wells, a transgender woman found in Toronto's Rosedale Ravine in 2017, was plagued by a "series of mistakes," the city's interim police chief conceded in the face of information dug up by the CBC podcast The Village.

McArthur investigation has spurred 'promising' leads in homicide cold cases in Toronto's Gay Village

Investigators have been sifting through the case files for 23 unsolved killings that occurred between 1975 and the late 1990s and targeted Toronto’s LGBTQ community for evidence of a connection to Bruce McArthur. So far, they've ruled out the convicted serial killer in eight of the cases. A new CBC podcast explores the investigation.

Harper government's legal setbacks suggest strategy of confrontation

A recent court ruling striking down another tenet of the government's tough-on-crime agenda suggests the government's recent legal setbacks are more than a clash of personalities between the chief justice and the prime minister, but a very real collision of beliefs about how Canada should work.