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Julianne Hazlewood is a multimedia journalist who's worked at CBC newsrooms across the country as a host, video journalist, reporter and producer. Have a story idea? julianne.hazlewood@cbc.ca

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My epileptic seizures can hurt my pregnancy. I wrote a lullaby to soothe my baby and my fears

The risk of a seizure has haunted Julianne Hazlewood since she was 14. Now she’s turning her epilepsy journey into a song for her baby.

University education program still on hold for inmates across Canada

As university and college students start school this month, inmates across the country will not have access to a program that offers university credits at no cost.

Ontario woman says she wasn't welcome in main area of hotel with guide dog

Chris Trudell-Conklin says she was told by the Crowne Plaza hotel in Kitchener, Ont., she wasn't welcome to be in one of the public areas of the hotel with her guide dog, Cody.

University of Waterloo professor calls pandemic 'COVID fake emergency'

A chemistry professor at the University of Waterloo has distributed a course outline to students saying his in-class exams aren’t mandatory “because of the COVID fake emergency.”

Riverside Dam construction delayed to 2022 with higher price tag

After months on hold because of the pandemic, the Riverside Dam project will now move ahead with a delayed timeline and a bigger price tag.

Stratford hotel owner launches scholarship for emerging BIPOC chefs

Stratford Chefs School has launched a scholarship to support Black and Indigenous people and people of colour who would like to get into the culinary industry.

These cross-border couples are considering drastic measures to be together

Thousands of couples across Canada who've been separated by the border are calling on the federal government to ease international travel restrictions to help them reunite after months apart.

Small gyms will close without government support, accommodations warns fitness group

Small gyms in Ontario have a warning for the provincial government: lump us in with with larger gyms for reopening regulations and countless independent operators will close.

Heat waves 'devastating' for people living on Waterloo region's streets

Experiencing a heat wave during a pandemic is like a cruel double whammy for people living on the streets, advocates for people who are homeless say.

Ontario farmer calls on government to step up migrant workers' rights

The prime minister and premier issued a strong warning to farmers last week to keep migrant workers safe after outbreaks on southern Ontario farms, but a farmer in Waterloo region says it's the government that needs to improve worker rights.