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Fatal derailment prompts petitions urging feds to end private railway policing

Two petitions aimed at holding rail companies accountable for the safety of their employees, the public and environment were presented in the House of Commons on Monday by NDP MP Niki Ashton, who cited CBC’s recent coverage of issues within Canadian Pacific and the Transportation Safety Board.
CBC Investigates

CP threatened lawsuit against safety watchdog after investigator spoke out about deadly crash

The lead safety investigator for a deadly derailment in the mountains of B.C. was pulled off the case after Canadian Pacific Railway threatened to sue him and his bosses for suggesting the RCMP should look into potential criminal negligence by the railway, CBC News has learned.

Ontario health guidance downplays aerosol spread of COVID-19. Critics say this puts lives at risk

Lessons from SARS were ignored in Ontario's COVID-19 pandemic response, health experts say.

As ICUs fill up, doctors confront grim choice of who gets life-saving care

The moment every health-care worker dreads is drawing perilously near in Ontario — when a lack of ICU beds means doctors will have to decide who gets potentially life-saving care and who doesn't.
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CP Rail leaves mountain train parked without crew or handbrakes near site of deadly 2019 runaway crash

Canadian Pacific Railway is under fire after leaving a 2.5-kilometre-long grain train parked without handbrakes last month high in the mountains of eastern B.C., above the site of a deadly runaway two years ago that killed three employees.
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This man is on his deathbed because of the health care he received in prison, lawsuit alleges

Garrie Garrell is suing the federal government for $12 million. He alleges the care he received from medical staff during a recent two-year stint behind bars, primarily at Beaver Creek federal prison in Gravenhurst, Ont., is the reason he's dying.
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Charges stayed in one of Ontario's largest Mob busts after alleged illegal conduct by investigators

One of the largest police investigations into organized crime in Ontario's history has fallen apart after police allegedly illegally intercepted phone calls as part of a multimillion-dollar probe into suspected Mob activity in the Greater Toronto Area, CBC News has learned.
CBC Investigates

1,500 flights and rising as Canadians seek sunny escapes despite surging COVID-19 crisis

Thousands of Canadians are thumbing their noses at government advice to stay home and hopping international flights to sunny destinations even as the COVID-19 crisis worsens. Canadian air carriers operated more than 1,500 flights between Canada and 18 popular vacation spots since Oct. 1.
The Fifth Estate

RCMP launch probe into Canadian Pacific runaway train crash that killed 3 crew members

The RCMP’s major crimes unit in British Columbia has opened a criminal investigation into a fatal runaway train crash and allegations of a coverup at Canadian Pacific Railway, following a derailment that killed three crew members near Field, B.C., in February 2019.
The Fifth Estate

Coverup allegation in deadly B.C. train crash prompts calls for Trudeau, RCMP to intervene

Families of three rail workers killed in a crash in the Rockies of eastern B.C. almost two years ago are calling on the prime minister to intervene after a former Canadian Pacific Railway police officer alleged his superiors obstructed his investigation.