Jordan Wheeler


Jordan Wheeler is a Gemini award winning writer living in Winnipeg. His journalistic work, over the last 30 years, has appeared in various publications across the country. He is also a member of the George Gordon First Nation in Saskatchewan.

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Who gets to speak on behalf of the Indigenous community?

Let Joseph Boyden write about Indigenous stuff and all the power to him. But he shouldn’t be winning awards or seeking grants earmarked for Indigenous writers. And he shouldn’t be presented as an authority on Indigenous issues.

Under the rainbow: an Indigenous perspective on the Orlando tragedy

The issues rooted in the Orlando tragedy find resonance in the Indigenous LGBT and two-spirit community.

Justin Trudeau doesn't deserve headdress

The photos made the rounds on social media and when I first saw one, I nearly spat out a mouthful of coffee. There was Prime Minister Justin Trudeau posing on a stage in a blazer, denim pants and a headdress.

Oka Crisis: 5 films that shed light on the events

The "Oka Crisis" was a tumultuous time in the history of Canada and one that all Canadians should be familiar with. Here are five films that shed light on the events before, during and after what indigenous people call Oka Summer.

Pan Am Games make headway with indigenous protocol

There were no traditional ceremonies in Winnipeg in 1967. "You've come a long way, Pan Am," says Jordan Wheeler.

Indigenous TV that 'lifts the veil' on National Aborginal History Month

Jordan Wheeler recommends four not-to-miss shows on CBC-TV this month. CBC celebrates National Aboriginal History Month with special TV programming that celebrates arts, culture, history and stories from indigenous communities across Canada.

Chicago Blackhawks fan wearing headdress shocks hockey fans

Indigenous people perpetuating stereotypes are just as bad as non-indigenous people who do it. It’s one thing for non-indigenous people to don headgear without knowing the context, history or sacred aspect of the headdress. It’s another for one of our own to do it.

A First Nations take on Thanksgiving: 'You're Welcome Weekend'

Kim and Jordan Wheeler don't celebrate Thanksgiving Day in their house. In their blended Cree/Ojibway/Mohawk/European-descended family they've come up with a new way to mark the holiday — something they call "You're Welcome Weekend."