Jordan Omstead

Jordan Omstead is a reporter with CBC Edmonton.

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'Canada's leading ecologist': David Schindler dead at 80

David Schindler, the renowned ecologist known for his outspoken defence of Canada's freshwater systems from industrial harm, is dead. He was 80.

Self-defence class organized after attacks against Edmonton Muslim women

The four classes sold out within hours, sign of widespread concern among the city's Muslim community, an organizer said.

Military to send troops to U.S. in its largest international exercise of pandemic

The Canadian military is defending a decision to send hundreds of troops to the U.S. in its largest cross-border training exercise of the pandemic. One soldier called it a trivial exercise that needlessly puts troops at risk of COVID-19.

New Edmonton draft bylaw could bring fines for feeding wildlife

On the issue of wildlife feeding bans, Edmonton is an outlier compared to some other big Canadian municipalities. But that could change if city council approves a draft bylaw that proposes $250 and $500 for rule breakers.

Supreme Court grants hearing for Beaver Lake Cree Nation's advance cost case

The Supreme Court of Canada is set to hear an application brought by Beaver Lake Cree Nation in a case with implications for First Nations struggling to afford lengthy treaty rights litigation.

Trial begins for woman charged with careless driving in death of senior

Marion Rickett-Beebee is accused of careless driving, after she struck two women with a vehicle in a south Edmonton apartment parking lot. Doreen French, 85, died from her injuries.

Pipeline dreams dashed: Alberta communities anxious as they await Keystone XL decision

The Town of Hardisty, the starting point of the Keystone XL pipeline, hoped to double its population over the next decade as it generated new oil jobs. But with president-elect Joe Biden poised to cancel a key permit, a town official says that future is on hold.

Relief, caution and frustration as Alberta eases restrictions for some businesses

As personal services in Alberta prepare to reopen after a month-long closure, business owners are responding with relief, caution and frustration.

Alberta's safe consumption review biased and flawed, researcher says

Alberta’s review of supervised consumption sites was fundamentally flawed and biased, stoking unchecked claims about the links between the service and crime rates, according to the author of a new peer-reviewed article.

Traumatic attack on two Black Muslim women prompts family calls for political action

The family of two Black Muslim women who were assaulted in a hate-motivated attack last month spoke publicly for the first time Wednesday, amid calls for political leaders to take stronger actions to dismantle white supremacist groups.