Jonathon Gatehouse

CBC Investigative Journalist

Jonathon Gatehouse has covered news and politics at home and abroad, reporting from dozens of countries. He has also written extensively about sports, covering seven Olympic Games and authoring a best-selling book on the business of pro-hockey. He works for the national investigative unit in Toronto.

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Deadly drug just 'a click away,' warns grieving Ontario family

A Peterborough, Ont., family is sounding the alarm about easy, online access to the drug Bromazolam, following the suspected overdose death of their 19-year-old son. The non-approved benzodiazepine can be particularly dangerous when mixed with opioids, since it depresses the respiratory system.
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Why a Canadian CEO could be Puerto Rico's most-hated man

LUMA Energy — half-owned by Calgary's ATCO and led by Canadian Wayne Stensby — has a 15-year, $2-billion contract to keep Puerto Rico's lights on. But the company has become a lightning rod instead, as customers complain about frequent blackouts, appliance-frying power surges and some of the highest prices in the world.
CBC Investigates

Ottawa's pandemic hiring boom adds billions to federal payroll

A CBC News analysis reveals the federal civil service grew by more than 35,000 people over the two-year COVID-19 pandemic — a 12 percent increase. Four government departments account for the lion's share of the new jobs.
CBC Investigates

RCMP superfan in Ontario spent 2 weeks in jail following N.S. massacre

Warren Thwing says he's spent thousands of dollars on a collection of hundreds of RCMP items including uniforms, figurines, posters and books. He never imagined it would lead to a door-smashing, gun-toting police raid on his home.

Claims against Edmonton Oilers owner Daryl Katz dropped from U.S. lawsuit

Claims that Edmonton Oilers owner Daryl Katz paid an underage ballerina for sex have been withdrawn from a U.S. civil suit after the lawyer for the plaintiffs conceded he was wrong about the dancer's age.

Civil suit accuses Edmonton Oilers owner of paying teenage ballerina for sex

A new U.S. civil suit alleges that Daryl Katz, the billionaire owner of the Edmonton Oilers, paid a 17-year-old ballerina for "sexual favours." Katz denies the claim, and says the money was for a film project the dancer was pitching to his Hollywood production company.
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Documents reveal Hockey Canada received $14M in federal funds over the past 2 years

As Ottawa politicians ask if public money was used to compensate a woman who alleges she was the victim of a gang sexual assault by eight junior hockey players in 2018, documents obtained by CBC News give a fuller picture of Hockey Canada's finances — and growing wealth.
CBC Investigates

Questions raised about celebrated Métis healer's Indigenous identity

Ernest Matton, head of the Aboriginal Healing Program at Michael Garron Hospital, has abruptly retired after members of Toronto's Indigenous community questioned his Indigenous identity. The celebrated healer, known as Elder Little Brown Bear, is among 5,300 people who face possible expulsion from the Métis Nation of Ontario over 'incomplete' profiles.
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Exclusive ski club received $1.4M in federal COVID relief amid 'record' year

Leaked financial documents show that Georgian Peaks, an exclusive Ontario ski club, received almost $1.4 million in federal pandemic relief in 2020/21 — a record-breaking season. The club ended up with a $1.5-million budget surplus, and hiked initiation fees to $43,000.
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Ukraine has will, but Russia has might: How their military forces match up

Russia's military is generally considered to be the second-most powerful in the world, behind the United States. Ukraine ranks 22nd. That power imbalance that is on stark display as Vladimir Putin's forces speed towards Kyiv.