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John Mazerolle is a producer with CBC News.

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P.E.I. asserts its 'clear authority' over wind farms, solar

The P.E.I. government has changed regulations to give itself "clear authority" over permits for renewable energy projects such as wind farms, a move that will allow projects to proceed without requiring approval from local councils.

Almost three-quarters of Island voters satisfied with King government, poll suggests

The Progressive Conservatives were the preferred choice of more than half of decided voters, according to a survey done by Narrative Research.

$4.5M in federal funding for new 'living lab' on-farm research projects

The federal government has announced $4.5 million in funding for a new P.E.I. "living lab" — the four-year-old program that brings together farmers, scientists and others to do on-farm research.

Your latest questions about Bill C-18 and the blocking of Canadian news answered

All Facebook and Instagram users in Canada won't be able to access news on their platforms soon, after parent company Meta said it would shut out news in the country over the next few weeks. We answer some of your questions about the Liberals' Online News Act and Meta's latest move.

Is Earth ready for some sunblock? Big ideas for slowing climate change — and big risks, too

Humans have given it a low-key name: geoengineering. But it's nothing less than changing the Earth — the air, the clouds, the oceans — so that we can hold off on global warming's most devastating effects until we cut our carbon pollution.
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Waters off the coast of Florida as hot as a hot tub, and more heat news from around the world

The water temperature off Florida has been about 38 C two days in a row: that's as hot as a hot tub and possibly the hottest seawater temperature ever recorded.

'Climate change is changing our lives': The latest on extreme heat around the globe

Whether it's deadly flooding in Nova Scotia, fires across Europe and in northern Africa, or suffocating heat in the U.S. Southwest, experts say there's almost no doubt: climate change is the culprit. Here's a round-up of the latest news about extreme heat and its ripple effects from around the world.

'We are at war': The latest on the heat waves around the world

As multiple heat waves grip large swaths of the globe, here's a round-up of some of the latest heat and climate change news.

4 people missing in Nova Scotia after vehicles became submerged in floodwaters

Four people have been reported missing in Nova Scotia after the vehicles they were travelling in became submerged in floodwaters.

Canada has promised more than $1.5B in military aid to Ukraine. Here's what we know

Canada has committed more than $8 billion to Ukraine since Russia's 2022 invasion, including over $1.5 billion in military aid. From a $400 million anti-missile system to warm clothes, here's a look at what's been delivered or promised.