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From 'carp' to 'copi': an unpopular fish is getting a makeover in the U.S.

You're in the mood for fish and your server suggests a dish of invasive carp. 'Ugh,' you might say. But how about broiled copi, fresh from the Mississippi River?

Enbridge wants Michigan lawsuit seeking to stop oil through Line 5 pipeline moved to federal court

Enbridge Energy moved Wednesday to shift to federal court a Michigan lawsuit seeking shutdown of an oil pipeline that runs beneath a channel linking two of the Great Lakes.

Michigan drops Line 5 pipeline suit, refocuses on separate case

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer abandoned a lawsuit Tuesday aimed at shutting down the Line 5 oil pipeline that runs through part of the Great Lakes, but said the state would continue pursuing a separate case with the same goal.

Renaming Asian carp: Concern over racism, waterways inspires push for new moniker

Minnesota state Sen. Foung Hawj was never a fan of the “Asian carp” label commonly applied to four imported fish species that are wreaking havoc in the U.S. heartland, infesting numerous rivers and bearing down on the Great Lakes.

Will the efforts to keep Asian carp out of the Great Lakes work?

U.S. federal agencies have spent more than $300 million trying to prevent the migration of Asian carp into the Great Lakes.

Great Lakes teeming with tiny plastic fibres

Scientists who have reported that the Great Lakes are awash in tiny bits of plastic are raising new alarms about a little-noticed form of the debris turning up in sampling nets: synthetic fibres from garments, cleaning cloths and other consumer products.

Army Corps activates new Asian carp barrier

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers fired up a new electric fish barrier Thursday on a Chicago-area waterway linking the Great Lakes and Mississippi River watersheds, the latest bid to protect the lakes from an Asian carp onslaught that could harm native species.