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Senior Writer

Jillian writes for CBCNews.ca. Her work has previously appeared in The Globe and Mail, Metro and Chatelaine.

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Got 10 minutes? Here's how to give your memory a boost in the time it would take to grab a coffee

A small new study finds a short walk or yoga session could immediately improve memory function.

Underwear model Teresa May mistaken for U.K.'s prime minister-designate

Over the past few weeks, not-so-news-savvy British Twitter users have bombarded underwear model Teresa May with political commentary and congratulations for becoming prime minister.

David Cameron (literally) hums a song of relief after announcing resignation

Maybe David Cameron could have done a better job of hiding his relief after announcing he would be replaced by a successor by Wednesday.

NASA's Juno could help us understand origins of solar system

Juno has the potential to answer questions that have been plaguing the scientific community for decades.

NASA's Juno snaps its 1st picture of Jupiter and its moons

NASA’s Juno spacecraft has sent its first photograph of Jupiter back to Earth.

SpaceX could send craft to Mars by 2018

Private spaceflight company SpaceX has announced via Twitter that it plans to send one of its unmanned Dragon spacecraft to Mars by as soon as 2018.

Loblaws wouldn't be 1st store to prioritize its own brands

Store brands — also called private labels — can mean big profits for grocery stores. if Loblaws was trying to ditch French's ketchup in order to push a private label product, it certainly wouldn't be the first retailer to do so.

10 iconic natural landmarks in Canada

These amazing natural features across the country are guaranteed to make your jaw drop.

New mortgage rules not only solution for Canada's red-hot real estate market: academics

Only time will tell how effective the government's new mortgage regulations will be. We reached out to economists and real estate experts to get their best ideas for slowing down big-city housing markets.

Taylor Swift's Grammy acceptance speech throws shade at Kanye West

Many Grammy watchers are interpreting Taylor Swift’s words after accepting album of the year honours as shade thrown at her perennial nemesis, Kanye West.