Jessica Barrett

Web writer

Jessica Barrett is a freelance journalist who recently returned to her home province of Alberta after more than a decade living on the West Coast. Her work has appeared in outlets across the country including the National Post, CBC News, Vancouver Magazine and Avenue Magazine.

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How a culture of coupledom, some loneliness and just getting older complicates dating in Calgary

"If there’s one thing I’ve learned in all of this: There are no rules in dating anymore — so we’re making up ones that work for us as we go.” Jessica Barrett with Part 2 of her look at dating life and romance in Calgary.

Why dating in Calgary is such a crazy mix of energy and anxiety

"For women reared to strive for self-sufficiency, finding yourself wooed by displays of traditional masculinity that, these days, are often paired with terms like ‘toxic,’ can make you feel like you’re selling yourself short — if not selling out the entire sisterhood,” Jessica Barrett on dating in Calgary.

Dog's death shows unintended consequences of poison on Alberta farms

Cody Proud didn't think much of it when his puppy, Ruby, came upon a deer leg in the bushes while out walking on a friend's farm near Cochrane earlier this year. About half an hour later, it became apparent something was very wrong.

Indigenous man kicked out of McDonald's after racist confrontation says he feels lucky to be alive

An Indigenous man who says he was ordered to leave a Red Deer McDonald's after a racist encounter with another customer says he's speaking out about the incident because he feels lucky to be alive. Warning: this story contains harsh language.

Edible forest: Guided walks teach Calgarians which weeds and wild greens you can eat

Many of the plants many people consider pesky could be a delicious addition to a dinner salad, or even used to treat cuts and colds.

All-inclusive teepee camps could turn Canadian reserves into tourist destinations, says entrepreneur

A Piikani man is hoping to turn his entrepreneurial endeavour on the southern Alberta First Nation into a sustainable source of employment for Indigenous people across the country.

How a road trip to Calgary for the Stampede changed 2 sisters' lives

Six years ago, two Ontario sisters took a road tip to Calgary for the Stampede — and ended up staying.

Calgary woman still searching for daughter six years after she disappeared

A Calgary mother is pleading for information about her missing daughter whose van was found near Morley, Alta in 2013.

'Tableau vivant' brings historic artwork to life at Military Museums

Gassed, a 1919 painting by John Singer Sargent, depicts the aftermath of a mustard gas attack during the First World War. A live recreation of the painting featuring volunteers from Calgary is a contemporary twist on the historic work of art.

'It's really hard right now': Calgary couple struggles with infant son's rare skin disease

Two-week-old Elias has a rare skin condition which leaves the skin vulnerable to tears and blisters at the slightest touch.