Jesse Johnston

Jesse Johnston worked in private radio from 2004 to 2014 in Vancouver, Red Deer and Calgary. He spent the next five years based out of Surrey (his hometown) as CBC's South of the Fraser reporter until he joined the Impact Team in 2019. Jesse is a two-time recipient of the RTDNA Dave Rogers Award for Best Short Radio Feature. He loves radio, running and dogs. He also loves the Detroit Lions, but if you follow him on Twitter, you already knew that. @Jesse_Johnston

Latest from Jesse Johnston

Homeless man turned church caretaker reconnects with sister after 22 years

Back in March, the parish president for Ukrainian Holy Cross Catholic Church in Surrey, B.C., found out someone was squatting in a shed on church property. The person had also been chasing away thieves and keeping the grounds clean.

Vancouver crew 'unbuilds' home in record time, as it aims to offset demolition waste

Unbuilders CEO and founder Adam Corneil hated to see the waste created when older homes are demolished in Vancouver. So he found a better way.

Surrey expected to once again be key battleground in B.C. election

The last stop B.C. NDP Leader John Horgan made during the 2017 election campaign was on the Surrey side of the Port Mann Bridge, where he held a sign that said, “End tolls, vote NDP,” while he waved at drivers.

When pools closed due to COVID-19, this youth swim team jumped in the ocean

When you’re part of a swim team and all the pools in your neighbourhood are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you find creative ways to train.

B.C. film industry roaring back after pandemic shutdown

In early March, Surrey was on pace to set another record for film permits issued, including a major production starring Sandra Bullock which was shooting just outside city film manager James Monk’s office.

Construction of supportive housing project in Surrey delayed by nesting birds

Councillor Brenda Locke says she hoped the 38-bed facility would be ready in time to take in some of the residents of the soon-to-be-demolished Nickerson Place.

Interest in homeschooling surges in B.C. as concern remains over back-to-school plans

While many B.C. businesses were closing or reducing hours in the early days of the pandemic, Debra Dumouchel could barely keep up with barrage of emails, phone calls and Facebook messages that were coming into her business, Homeschool Canada.

Visits are happening again at long-term care homes in B.C. This is what they look like

After finding the perfect care home in the perfect location close to his home in Burnaby, Deo Manik gave his wife Shanta a big hug and told her he’d be back soon to visit. 

U.S. border towns rocked by COVID-19 border closures

Cars with B.C. licence plates are so rare in Blaine, Wash., these days that immigration lawyer Len Saunders does a double take every time he sees one.

First Nations, fishing guide push for jet-boat ban on Pitt River to protect salmon

Fishing guide Dan Gerak says this has been the worst year he’s ever seen for jet boats damaging salmon spawning grounds by tearing through shallow sections of the Pitt River.