Jericho Knopp

Jericho Knopp is a CBC reporter based out of Saint John, New Brunswick.

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Private Saint John neighbourhood won't have street designation changed

Councillors voted unanimously to keep Yacht Haven Lane as a private street, which means it has no access to city services like snow clearing, street maintenance, or street lights.

Stormwater system in east Saint John to be reviewed

A Saint John councillor is looking for more information on the state of the east side's flood prevention systems, after a series of winter storms led to widespread flooding and damage in late January.

Lorne school plan earns tentative support from Saint John council

Plans to convert the former Lorne middle school in Saint John into a community centre received widespread praise from city councillors on Monday.

Fewer New Brunswick couples living with kids

Fewer New Brunswick households are living with children than ever before, according to a Statistics Canada report from the 2016 census. The report shows that in 2016, only 43.4 per cent of New Brunswick couples lived with children.

For $695,750: A house that makes more energy than it consumes

New Brunswick's first certified net zero home was unveiled this year and is now on the market for $695,750.

Loch Lomond construction in Saint John to last 6 months

Starting April 17, and lasting for six months, the eastbound lane of Loch Lomond Road in East Saint John will be closed between Hickey Road and Bon Accord Drive.

Saint John youth shelter gets ready to open doors under new leadership

The new operators of Saint John's youth shelter, Safe Harbour, are busy getting ready to reopen on March 1. It's also advertising for both full-time and casual youth workers and house patients.

Saint John highway Christmas tree brings joy to decorator's family

A familiar Christmas display on the highway into Saint John carries a story of love and loss.

Youth EI claims in New Brunswick up 31% over last year

Almost all new claims for employment insurance benefits in New Brunswick are coming from the province's youngest would-be workers, according to Statistics Canada.

Deformed 'dork deer' bagged by hunters, leads to questions on increase

A Keswick Ridge meat cutter is reporting that after seeing no deer with jaw deformities in 2015, this year three out of 50 had an overbite deformity.