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Hidden camera reveals false claims some retailers make during diamond sales

While shopping undercover at some of Canada's top jewellers, Marketplace journalists came across sales pitches filled with false claims and inconsistent diamond grading reports, all of which could lead consumers to question whether they got what they paid for.

Some CDI College recruiters are misleading students, Marketplace investigation finds

A CBC Marketplace investigation into CDI College, one of Canada’s largest for-profit career colleges, has found a pattern of misleading practices being used to pressure would-be students into signing up for online programs that can cost upward of $20,000.

Inside the police bust targeting movers accused of scamming customers

Police have laid hundreds of charges against movers accused scamming customers for quoting low prices, but charging more and holding belongings unless the bill is paid. Marketplace had exclusive access inside the bust.

CBC Marketplace investigated these movers. Now police have arrested them

Following an undercover investigation by CBC's Marketplace into a group of national moving companies accused of deceptive pricing, Toronto police have arrested two key figures and charged them with a slew of criminal offences.

Secret trackers and hidden cameras expose how some movers could be ripping you off

A group of moving companies is offering low quotes and then increasing the total cost of moves by thousands of dollars — in some cases grossly over-estimating the weight of goods to be moved, a CBC Marketplace investigation has found.

Up to 10% of homes could now be 'uninsurable' because of flood risk. Yours may be one of them

Marketplace reveals many homeowners are unaware of and unprepared for the growing threat of flooding because of confusing insurance policies, murky real estate rules and incomplete floodplain maps.

Best Buy to review third-party marketplace after CBC investigation finds damaged products

Following multiple complaints from viewers, CBC’s Marketplace decided to put Best Buy’s Marketplace to the test. After purchasing 12 “refurbished” devices from third-party vendors, industry experts flagged five of them for having issues.

It pays to get a 2nd home appraisal, especially if you're a Black homeowner, hidden camera investigation shows

Almost a million home appraisals happen in Canada every year, and the outcomes can determine the terms of a mortgage or whether a homeowner can make use of equity for things like renovations or paying off debts.

Oilsands workers describe a culture of racist jokes, bullying and being shut out of the industry

Workers in Alberta's oilsands sector are speaking out about racial discrimination they say they faced on the job, telling CBC's Marketplace of racist jokes, preferential treatment for white colleagues and exclusion from permanent jobs and promotions.

Credit card chargebacks a challenge for some airline customers

Marketplace has heard from many people who were unsatisfied with credit for future travel after their flights were cancelled. Some have sought refunds through a chargeback from their credit card company, but have met with resistance.