Jason Osler

Jason Osler is the national 'trends' columnist for CBC Radio.

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From razors to cars, subscription services are expanding

From razor blades to cars to flights, subscriptions services are moving well beyond music and movies.

From therapy pets to colouring books, Canadian airports aim to ease travel anxiety

Montreal has launched a pilot project to bring therapy dogs to travellers at a time when there's a greater interest in learning more about the travel experience.

Cold food, dirty laundry and other non-emergency 911 calls

Cold fast food doesn’t necessitate a call to 911. But in recent weeks, absurd 911 calls about broken washing machines and cold takeout have proven that some Canadians don't seem to get it.

The untapped power and potential of payphones

Finding a payphone today isn't always easy. They're disappearing fast, as most people use cell phones. But they still serve a public need and could be used for much more.

'Trademark squatting' hurts artists and small businesses and it's coming to Canada

Trademarking simple words like rebellion and cocky could soon be commonplace in Canada. What does this mean for small businesses and artists?

From reusable bags to 'zero waste,' grocery stores try to go green

When you head to your local grocery store, you might bring your own bags. But some stores across Canada are encouraging shoppers to go beyond the reusable bag and eliminate packaging waste entirely by bringing their own containers, from Mason jars to Tupperware.

Sorry, Adele: Taking photos at concerts enhances experience, study says

Are we taking too many pictures of concerts and vacations, and not enjoying the moment enough? New research actually suggests we enjoy those experiences more when we take time to snap photos.

Despite crackdowns, distracted driving remains a problem across Canada

When a distracted driver was pulled over recently by RCMP, the officer was shocked to find the driver had 12 prior convictions for using an electronic device while behind the wheel. It's an extreme example, but distracted driving remains a persistent problem in Canada, according to experts.

Drones for Canada Post mail delivery worth exploring, expert says

Canada's minister for federal public services has droned on about considering "all viable options" for Canada Post but won't commit to bringing back door-to-door delivery. She certainly hasn't discussed one option for postal delivery currently being explored in Australia — actual drones.

Coffee pod sales slip as environmental concerns rise

Canadians seem to love using single-serve coffee pod machines. But a major problem for many is the impact of the pods on the environment - which may be changing the way we think about the coffee pod systems.