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Jason D'Souza is a broadcast journalist at CBC Vancouver. Follow him on Twitter @CBCdsouza

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Dr. Bonnie Henry brings wealth of global experience to B.C.'s COVID-19 response

As she leads B.C.'s COVID-19 response, Dr. Bonnie Henry draws on her wealth of experience, from time spent with the WHO in Pakistan and Uganda, to being on the front lines of the SARS outbreak in Toronto.
Something Good

'You have given us the greatest gift': B.C. doctor thanked for life-saving cancer research

An Alberta mom says her son Ashton is alive today after a stage 4 cancer diagnosis because of research into rare tumours in kids, so she called the doctor to say thank you.

The making of Matheson: Why I spent a month back in high school

As cliche as it may sound, spending a month back at school has made me more optimistic about the future generation than ever. We're in fantastic hands.

'We're not all in gangs, doing drugs and bumming out of school': Surrey students defend their city

Students were given the chance to talk to the CBC about any stories they wanted to. No one topic was brought up more often than the unfair reputation they feel they have as Surrey students.

98-year-old gardener given 'gift of light' thanks to school children

Ninety-eight-year-old Gerry MacPherson’s one wish for Christmas has come true thanks to some tenacious North Vancouver school children.

Canucks rookie phenom Elias Pettersson turning heads with incredible debut season

It hasn't been a great season for the Canucks so far this year — but it has been an incredible first season for rookie sensation Elias Pettersson. He's giving fans new hope that the team could be ready to turn the page after a stretch of mediocre campaigns.

Vancouver's new city council lacks diversity: so what next?

Visible minorities are the majority in Vancouver, with over half of resident identifying as non-white, yet that ethnic diversity isn’t reflected on the city’s newly elected city council.

What does Diwali mean? There's no one answer, say British Columbians who celebrate festival

The festival of lights kicks off on Wednesday as the biggest holiday of the year for South Asian communities around the world — but they won't all be celebrating the same way or even for the same reasons.

B.C.'s past political blunders hold little sway over Millennial voters

For those who have a few provincial elections under their belt, the broken promises and scandals of B.C.’s political past will be relevant, but for first-time voters without any of that baggage, those past controversies could unfairly impact their decision.

Canada's soccer journey back to the World Cup remains an unrealistic dream

The last time Canada competed in a World Cup of Soccer was 1986 in Mexico. Canada Soccer wants to get its men's program back to the top, but what will it take?