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Janet Davison is a CBC senior writer and editor based in Toronto.

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Royal pregnancy and privacy: How Harry and Meghan and other royals are setting their own terms for parenthood

As word spread that one royal baby was born and another is on the way, the actions of the parents and their apparent expectations around privacy provide insight into how life for those a little further down in the line of succession may evolve in a Royal Family that will have fewer working members.
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What makes a person a 'fit' for Governor General

The controversy hanging over Julie Payette's departure from Rideau Hall offers a long list of lessons about how to go about — or not go about — finding someone to represent the Crown in Canada.
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Why the Queen let it be known she's had the COVID-19 vaccine

Members of the Royal Family are generally reluctant to share many details of their personal health, but a decision by Queen Elizabeth to let it be known she and Prince Philip have received vaccinations to protect them against the coronavirus is likely to be welcomed by those leading U.K. efforts to fight COVID-19.
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Looking ahead for the Royal Family: Why 2021 could bring comfort, continuity and the potential for controversy

As the Royal Family contemplates the year ahead, some notable milestones lie in the offing, along with the likelihood of continuing new ways of doing royal business that have evolved since the pandemic began. But controversies that have loomed large in the last little while show no signs of fading.
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Will the Queen meet any of her family outside at Christmas? How royal festive traditions change with the times

While the Royal Family's Christmas celebrations will be different this year, the public interest and scrutiny that has focused for generations on how they mark the festive season will continue.
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More than The Crown: Why the mythic tone around Diana, Princess of Wales echoes today

More than 23 years after the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, the mythic tone around her image seems to resonate as much as it ever has.

'Unprecedented, but not out of character': How Meghan's miscarriage revelation stands apart in Royal Family

The decision by Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, to write of her miscarriage in the New York Times — winning praise for offering support to others who have experienced the deeply personal trauma — stands in marked contrast to the way in which other senior members of the Royal Family have approached matters of their own health.
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Longtime royal photographer puts some of The Crown's contentious moments in context

Season 4 of the Netflix series The Crown has landed and is already sparking controversy, reflecting the challenge of turning historical facts into drama as the series exploring the reign of Queen Elizabeth moves closer to the present.
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Coming into his own: Prince William, the pandemic and a higher profile

A few years ago, questions arose over how interested Prince William was in royal duties, but more recently the second-in-line to the throne has seen his stature rise, particularly as he offers reassurance to people facing the stress of the pandemic.
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Why did Diana do what she did? Actor Emma Corrin looks for answers as she takes on iconic role in The Crown

For actor Emma Corrin, preparing to take on the role of Diana, Princess of Wales, for Season 4 of The Crown was a daunting prospect, and something of a lesson in trying to determine the psychology behind events in the life of an iconic, high-profile member of the Royal Family.