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Janet Davison is a CBC senior writer and editor based in Toronto.

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Royal diplomacy hits the world stage on 2 fronts — Charles in France and William in New York

On both sides of the Atlantic Ocean this past week, senior members of the Royal Family stepped onto the world stage — and put a prime concern they share front and centre.
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Don't rock the ship too much: Charles's 1st year as King brings stability but no major change

When Queen Elizabeth died a year ago and her son, Charles, became King, many saw the possibility for major change in the transition to a new monarch. But that hasn't been the case.
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A royal link can boost a podcast — but will it succeed long-term?

A royal name could attract listeners, but long-term success for any podcast with a royal link could be more elusive.
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His parents are keen to protect his privacy. But Prince George's public profile is on the rise

While Prince William and Catherine, Princess of Wales, are diligently trying to protect the privacy of their three children, the profile of their eldest child, Prince George, appears to be on the rise, particularly in the past few months.
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Why King Charles received another crown

As much as the Crown of Scotland carries with it centuries of royal symbolism, the recent ceremony that surrounded the presentation of the Scottish crown jewels to King Charles in Edinburgh also reflected efforts to send signals about the monarchy's future in that corner of the United Kingdom.
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What kind of Prince of Wales will William be?

Prince William's interest in homelessness is not new, but the way in which the heir to the throne now approaches the issue may also offer hints of what kind of Prince of Wales he may be through the reign of his father, King Charles.
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3 decades later, the Diana effect — and the Casey House effect — come to the stage

A play premiering at Ontario's Stratford Festival is set against the anticipation of a royal visit by the late Diana, Princess of Wales, to Canada's first free-standing AIDS hospice. The work explores the potential to overcome alienation, the power of kindness and finding dignity in death.
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King Charles's coronation is over — now what?

While the reign of King Charles began the moment his mother died last September, the coronation a couple of weeks ago also symbolized a new start for him. And yet, many of the issues Charles will face involve longstanding challenges that have been front and centre for the monarch — and the monarchy.
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Amid the tradition of King Charles's coronation, a drive for a more modern monarchy

As the rituals of the coronation unfolded for King Charles III and Queen Camilla on Saturday, the ceremony steeped in 1,000 years of history also offered a sense of a monarchy wanting to find a way to reflect and relate to the world today.
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King Charles will vow 'to serve' in coronation service that remains rooted in deep tradition

The theme of service and efforts to try to be more inclusive appear to be focal points for the coronation of King Charles on Saturday, but much of the ceremony will remain largely rooted within its long history and traditions.