Janet Brown

Freelance contributor

Janet Brown is a longtime political commentator and pollster in Alberta.

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Unsure about UCP or NDP, Alberta's 'orphan' voters are looking for a home

One in 12 voters know they don't want to vote UCP and/or NDP, but they aren't sure whom to support. And their ultimate choice could decide the next election.
Calgary Votes 2021

We asked Calgarians what the top goals for the next mayor and council should be. Here's what they said

“Citizens are focused on the importance of addressing both economic and social concerns.” Janet Brown breaks down new polling numbers on Calgarians’ priorities.

Gondek leads mayoral race, with 33% of Calgarians still undecided: CBC News poll

A new poll conducted exclusively for CBC Calgary by Janet Brown Opinion Research shows Jyoti Gondek leading a crowded field in the race to become Calgary's next mayor, and sheds light on how voters align on the key issues.

What Earls dropping Alberta beef says about Alberta

Janet Brown on Earls' decision to drop Alberta beef — what it says about a changing market strategy, and change in who we are.
Point of View

Alberta election: Jim Prentice and the David Peterson parallel

Independent pollster Janet Brown says Alberta's early election is feeling eerily similar to Ontario's provincial election in 1990.
Point of View

Alberta election polls hold influence, even if they're wrong: Janet Brown

Independent pollster Janet Brown says polls matter, even if they are wrong, because they can influence voters who believe them to be true.
Point of View

Voter apathy in Alberta's election not a problem, argues pollster Janet Brown

Independent pollster Janet Brown says health of our democracy should be measured by how many voters make the effort to make an informed choice, not the number of votes cast.