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Janani Whitfield works on CBC Saskatchewan's Morning Edition. Contact her at janani.whitfield@cbc.ca or on Twitter, @WhitfieldJanani.

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Playing for something bigger: Creighton, Sask., football team rallies around teammate with brain tumour

This football season was special for the Creighton Kodiaks, as the rallying cry for the season saw them cheer on their teammate who was diagnosed with a brain tumour earlier this year.

Youth program in One Arrow First Nation encourages young entrepreneurs

For some teens in One Arrow First Nation, getting into business seemed like a good way to make money. But their endeavours have done more than just give them entrepreneurial skills.

Mother of hospitalized 5-year-old says her decision not to get vaccinated was 'big mistake'

A Regina mother grappling with regret over not getting vaccinated sooner says she hopes her five-year-old son's bout with COVID-19 will cause others to take the disease seriously.

Planned launch of thousands of satellites could obliterate our view of night skies, says astronomy prof

Humans have long turned to the night sky to see natural patterns, but the University of Regina’s Sam Lawler fears the planned launch of satellites like SpaceX’s StarLink will obliterate views of the stars. 

Regina church, local woman team up to rescue family of 10, reunite them with loved ones in Sask.

Mohamad Rajab and Amal Janine have endured losses and the death of several relatives in the Syrian civil war. Now, with some help from new Canadian friends, they're hoping to bring their remaining family members to safety and reunite.

Regina man who lost parents to COVID-19 channels grief into food drive supporting hundreds

After his father died from COVID-19 in January, Haris Khan decided he would expand a drive to collect and distribute food to dozens of community members during Ramadan.

'For the People': Regina couple has dished up free lunches from North Central home for 5 years

Every Saturday afternoon, Star and Bruce Andreas serve free lunches for 50 to 100 people, a service they say has become even more needed in the past year.

Wascana's Romeo and Juliet capture birders' attention with improbable love story

Wood ducks typically leave Saskatchewan for winter, but one stays every winter, seemingly sticking close to a female mallard and earning them the nicknames Romeo and Juliet.

Canadian man nears end of epic round-the-world sailing journey without electronic tools

While the world has been dealing with a pandemic, Bert terHart has been sailing through troubled waters of a different kind. He's nearly completed a single-handed solo sailing trip around the world, only using traditional navigation tools.

No fowl ending: Pet goose escapes clutches of fox to waddle back to Moose Jaw home

Steve the goose went missing from his family's home southwest of Moose Jaw, but somehow found his way back after being seen with a fox.