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Janani Whitfield works on CBC Saskatchewan's Morning Edition. Contact her at janani.whitfield@cbc.ca or on Twitter, @WhitfieldJanani.

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Wascana's Romeo and Juliet capture birders' attention with improbable love story

Wood ducks typically leave Saskatchewan for winter, but one stays every winter, seemingly sticking close to a female mallard and earning them the nicknames Romeo and Juliet.

Canadian man nears end of epic round-the-world sailing journey without electronic tools

While the world has been dealing with a pandemic, Bert terHart has been sailing through troubled waters of a different kind. He's nearly completed a single-handed solo sailing trip around the world, only using traditional navigation tools.

No fowl ending: Pet goose escapes clutches of fox to waddle back to Moose Jaw home

Steve the goose went missing from his family's home southwest of Moose Jaw, but somehow found his way back after being seen with a fox.

COVID-19 in Sask: With boundary shakeup, total northern Saskatchewan cases now listed at 16

A map revision made late this week means the overall number of northern Saskatchewan cases is now listed at 16, compared to three just a day before.

Regina student says 'life is worth living' with tribute to friend who died by suicide

Life has not been the same for Belan Tsegaye since her best friend took his own life, and it’s a pain she doesn’t want others to feel. She hopes to bring the topic of suicide out into the light with a tribute video to her friend, Kaleab Schmidt.

People with neurological conditions gain strength, support from Enrich program

Karon Hantleman was told she would never walk again, but now she and others are are overcoming their previous limitations with the help of a new program.

Income support change meant to give recipients control over money may create more problems: advocates

The Ministry of Social Services says it wants to give people on a new Saskatchewan Income Support more self-sufficiency and agency over their money. But some say for those with addictions, it could be the wrong move.

Running for more than just gold: Google Doodle honours Sask.-born sprinting legend

When millions bring up their Google.ca search engine today, they’ll see the picture of a Saskatchewan-born runner who etched his name in the history books as a three-time Olympian and world record setter.

'It's not OK': Frustrated over use of N-word, Sask. mother speaks out

When she adopted her three children, originally from Ethiopia, Sandra Barker-Schmidt said she thought they would have a better life in Canada. Instead, she’s seen her son, and now her 13-year-old daughter, face racism and the cutting use of offensive language.

7 years after life-altering fire in Unity, Sask., this man returned to thank firefighters for his life

Winnipeg man Leo Rocan says he always meant to return to Unity to say thanks to the first responders who saved his life. It took him seven years, but earlier this month, he was able to return and share his gratitude.