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Jaela Bernstien is a Montreal-based journalist who covers stories about climate change and human rights for CBC News. She has a decade of experience and files regularly for web, radio and TV. She won a CAJ award as part of a team investigating black-market labour in Quebec. You can reach her at jaela.bernstien@cbc.ca

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Europe's turn back to coal a 'temporary' measure in response to Russian gas cuts

Running out of options, Germany and several of its European neighbours are turning back to coal power plants to conserve precious reserves of natural gas, after Russia cut its gas exports because of the war in Ukraine.

This is how Canadians are surviving the soaring cost of everything

More Canadians are facing tough decisions as prices skyrocket, forcing even middle-class families to choose between buying the food they need and paying their bills.

As Elon Musk orders Tesla staff back to the office, many tech companies are doing the opposite

A sternly worded internal email, apparently sent by Elon Musk ordering people to either return to the office or leave Tesla, is raising eyebrows in a time when employees are increasingly seeking flexible work arrangements. 

These Ontario residents didn't receive a storm alert — and want to know why

When the sky turned green and a wall of rain came barreling toward Ed Paleczny and his family, they had just minutes to get to safety. They're still shaken from watching the storm rip apart their timber-frame cottage in Lakefield, Ont., and say an alert should have been issued for their region, too.

What's a derecho and why is it so destructive? The science behind this powerful storm

When Canadian tornado expert David Sills studied the forecast on Saturday morning, he never expected the line of storms headed for Windsor, Ont., would soon strengthen into Canada’s first derecho in decades, wreaking havoc across southern Ontario and Quebec.  
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Your questions answered: Should I wear a mask if I've already had COVID?

As Canadians look ahead to summer vacation plans with friends and family, there are still lingering questions about which safety precautions are necessary and which ones are overkill, now that public health restrictions have relaxed.

Racist conspiracy theory unified white supremacists long before Buffalo, N.Y., shooting

Whether it goes by the "great replacement" or another name, the conspiracy theory embraced by the accused Buffalo, N.Y., gunman has inspired several mass shootings in recent years — in Canada and around the world.

Should you wear a mask? Advice for navigating a mask-optional Canada

General mask mandates have been lifted in every province, yet many health authorities still recommend wearing them in public indoor settings. Here's some advice to help you evaluate when and where to don a mask.

Europe's path away from Russian oil and toward renewable energy is paved with a dirty reality

As Europe vows to kick its reliance on Russian fossil fuels in response to Moscow's weaponization of its energy supply, climate advocates hope it could spur a more rapid transition to renewable energy. But experts say it won't happen overnight.

Innovative atlas puts Indigenous knowledge on the map — literally — to help tackle climate crisis

Hetxw'ms Gyetxw from Gitxsan Nation, sees himself as a bridge between Indigenous knowledge and Western science, and used his experience to help centre Indigenous communities on the Climate Atlas of Canada, an interactive tool aimed at helping people understand climate change.