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Census data shows 300,000 Quebec kids eligible for English school, 76% attend

The new data, which comes from the 2021 census, shows that 304,000 children in Quebec have the right to attend regular English public schools.

Montreal women's shelter juxtaposes scenes of violence with Halloween decorations

The "Fear Windows" campaign launched by La Maison Grise shelter depicts scenes of violence — in silhouette — in windows around the city.

As provinces hand out cash, advocates say inflation help should be more targeted

Newfoundland and Labrador is among the provinces giving out money to people. The provincial government says it's to help them deal with the rising cost of living.

Quebec elects record number of women, but will they be named to key cabinet roles?

For real equality to be achieved, experts say women need to be represented in the places where decisions are made, including the premier's cabinet and among his political advisers.

CAQ leader defends paying millions to U.S. consulting firm during pandemic

A Radio-Canada investigation revealed the CAQ government paid an American consulting firm $35,000 a day for advice on how to manage its response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Quebec's 'post-COVID' election campaign has few mentions of deaths, emergency powers

For some health experts, however, the scant discussion in Quebec about the pandemic represents a missed opportunity to talk about the lessons learned over the past two years.

Quebec Liberal leader faces questions about her political future

With two weeks left in the campaign and the second leaders debate on Thursday, Anglade said she believes there's still time to convince voters.

For Quebecers, the Queen's death raises questions about future of the monarchy in Canada

Days after the death of Quebec Elizabeth II, Quebec party leaders and political scientists react to calls to sever ties with the monarchy.

Census data on French speakers in Quebec spurs language protection debate ahead of election

An anglophone rights group says it worries the latest census data will be used to portray English speakers as a threat ahead of the fall provincial election.

Visa denials denounced at Montreal AIDS conference, federal minister cancels speech

The conference, which draws researchers, medical practitioners, activists and people living with HIV, focuses both on scientific progress in the fight against AIDS and the need for increased funding for HIV response.