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Ioanna Roumeliotis is an award-winning senior reporter with CBC News, The National. She is based in Toronto and covers a wide range of topics for news and current affairs, with a focus on the people behind the issues. Send ideas to

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TFW your grandma becomes a social media sensation

It doesn't matter if you call them granfluencers or instagrammas, these seniors took their passions for fitness, fashion and food online and found that rather than holding them back, their age is one of the secrets to the cross-generational appeal earning them millions of followers and turning them into a marketing dream.

Educators are using the stories of Holocaust survivors to foster empathy and counter hate

Imagine learning about the Holocaust from a survivor of its atrocities — the pain on their face stark in the hologram projecting just feet away. Soon, youth in Toronto can immerse themselves in these experiences, part of a movement toward using education to eliminate a rising tide of antisemitism. 

More than 6 drinks a week leads to higher health risks, new report suggests — especially for women

Having more than six drinks per week leads to an increased risk of a host of health issues, including cancer, according to new proposed guidelines published Monday. And for women who have three or more drinks per week, the risk of health issues increases more steeply compared to men.

Toronto boy whose parents raised $3M to treat his rare genetic disorder starts clinical trial

Michael Pirovolakis is the only child in Canada diagnosed with spastic paraplegia 50 (SPG50). This past March doctors at SickKids Hospital in Toronto began a one-dose therapy in part of a groundbreaking clinical trial where Michael is the only participant. 

Canadian volunteers prepare to join fight against Russian invasion in Ukraine

With fighting in Ukraine intensifying, more people around the world are travelling to the region to either join the fight against Russian forces or to lend assistance to besieged civilians. We spoke to several Canadians who say they are preparing to travel to the country to lend a hand however they can.

Terror, tragedy, heartbreak and healing: How 4 Canadians are building a positive legacy 20 years after 9/11

From survivor's guilt to honouring the memory of lost loved ones, the attack's effects are still keenly felt two decades later.

Ontario health guidance downplays aerosol spread of COVID-19. Critics say this puts lives at risk

Lessons from SARS were ignored in Ontario's COVID-19 pandemic response, health experts say.

Ontario mining company 1st to try new mobile test that diagnoses COVID-19 in as little as an hour

New Gold Inc. is turning to a new test that can diagnose COVID-19 cases in as little as one hour outside a lab setting in the hope of keeping its gold and silver mine in northern Ontario free of the disease.

'We're really at a tipping point': COVID-19 brings research into other medical conditions to a grinding halt

'We had a whole bunch of researchers around the world doing different things. All of our research has basically stopped,' says family of toddler with rare genetic condition.

'She just started sobbing': Parents struggle to help kids cope with COVID-19 anxiety

This is a new, scary world, and for many children and young people across the country it has led to soaring levels of anxiety.