Haydn Watters


Haydn Watters is a roving reporter in Ontario, mostly serving the province's local CBC Radio shows. He has worked for the CBC in Halifax, Yellowknife, Ottawa and Toronto, with stints at the politics bureau and entertainment unit. He ran an experimental one-person pop-up bureau for the CBC in Barrie, Ont. You can get in touch at haydn.watters@cbc.ca.

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Who's that wonderful girl on TikTok? It's Mona from the kids show Nanalan'

A delightfully bizarre Canadian children’s television show and its puppets are getting a second life on social media, more than 20 years after it first aired.

Cut Knife, Sask., lost its local newspaper. This sassy cat helps keeps its stories alive

CBC Radio show Circulation travels to places that have lost their local newspapers and tells stories the paper would have if it were still around. Like in Cut Knife, Sask., population 547.
Here and Now

Pearson Airport runway ready for takeoff after $80M makeover

Crews have been ripping up and rebuilding Runway 06L/24R, one of the busiest in Canada. It reopens Friday.

Many in Markham don't speak English. So candidates are pitching plans in Cantonese, Mandarin

Nearly 17 per cent of people in Markham, Ont., predominantly speak Cantonese at home. Municipal election candidates are changing the way they campaign to reflect that.

She stripped a river full of this pesky invasive plant — by hand

When summer started, invasive European water chestnut was all over the Welland River in Ontario's Niagara Region. A team spent the summer yanking it by hand.
Ontario Votes 2022

Ontario candidates confront racist slurs on signs, hate on campaign trail

All four major parties report dealing with hateful incidents in Ontario's election campaign, often targeting racialized candidates.
Ontario Votes 2022

Millions don't vote in Ontario elections. Here's how some are tackling low turnout

The last Ontario election in 2018 had the highest voter turnout in almost two decades, with about 57 per cent of eligible voters casting a ballot. Still, that means millions didn't vote. Here are some of the people who are trying to change that ahead of the June 2 election.

'Be soft, but honest': Dr. Peter Jüni reflects as he leaves Ontario COVID-19 science table post

Dr. Peter Jüni talks about moving on, meditation and staying off social media as he steps down from his post as scientific director of Ontario's COVID-19 Science Advisory Table on Monday.

Donations to curb Ontario government's debt rose during COVID-19

Premier Doug Ford has said it over and over — the worst place to hand your money is to the government. But Ontarians gave a boost in donations to help pay down the province's debt during the first year of COVID-19, amid record spending and deficit.

Understudies nab starring role in keeping theatres open amid Omicron

Live theatre companies in Ontario are rolling out their first full seasons since the pandemic started over two years ago — and understudies are crucial to ensure the show goes on during COVID-19's sixth wave.