Haydn Watters

Haydn Watters is a roving reporter for Ontario, primarily serving the province's local radio shows. He has worked for CBC News and CBC Radio in Halifax, Yellowknife, Ottawa and Toronto, with stints at the politics bureau and the entertainment unit. He also ran an experimental one-person pop-up bureau for the CBC in Barrie, Ont.

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Paid time off for a COVID-19 vaccination? Depends on the workplace

If you decide to get a COVID-19 vaccination, do you get paid time off work? Take a look at the vaccine policies for some of the bigger employers in Ontario, some of which also operate elsewhere.

See where Ornge has moved Ontario patients to avoid hospital COVID-19 overflow

Since the start of 2021, air ambulance-ground transportation service Ornge and local paramedic services have rushed more than 2,100 patients to and from Ontario hospitals amid the pandemic to prevent ICU overcrowding. Here's a breakdown of the transferring and receiving hospitals.

Ontario health units wasted 100s of vaccine doses in March. That's not the full story

CBC News contacted all 34 Ontario public health units to ask how many, and why, doses were wasted in March as vaccination capacity ramped up significantly.

COVID-19 has kept these businesses closed for 1 year. Here's how their owners are coping

Some businesses still aren't allowed to open in Ontario, closed now for over a year, due to increased risk of spreading COVID-19.

Vaccines give Ontario's oldest people a shot of hope in a lonely pandemic year

They are among the province's oldest residents — and they are proud to be vaccinated. Meet some centenarians who have gotten shots against COVID-19.

Travel agents struggle to stay open after 'devastating' pandemic year without bookings

COVID-19's travel restrictions means travel agents have spent a year trying to scrape by with virtually no new revenue. Some have made it work. Others have closed.

Schools can't share Valentines. So Grade 4 class made virtual cards for Guelph hospital

COVID-19 has crushed Valentine's Day card and candy exchanges at many schools this year. So teachers and students have had to get creative.

Waterloo workplace trial swaps COVID-19 swabs for saline spit test

A grassroots group of local healthcare workers and thinkers are using a spit and saline rinse to test for COVID-19 and want to test the screening with as many interested workplaces as possible around Waterloo region.

Reading week travel rules range for K-W, Guelph students in residence — including 14-day isolation

The province is still telling everyone to stay-at-home — but it's unclear what exactly that means ahead of reading week for students who live in residence at local universities and colleges.

Immunocompromised student says Guelph's campus COVID-19 outbreak makes her 'kind of mad'

Victoria Leaker lives in residence at the University of Guelph, which has been grappling with a significant COVID-19 outbreak. She's immunocompromised, which puts her at greater risk of getting very sick.